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Personalized and Pretty Picnics on the Beach

Delight someone you love for any occasion

Growing up, Emily Jordan spent her summers on Long Beach Island (LBI), and it was always one of the most special places in the world to her. For the last couple of years, she’s also been making it a very special place for others.

Picnic Perfect LBI, which she founded in the spring of 2021, provides everything needed for an upscale but relaxed celebration on the beach. “Every picnic comes with a low table with lovely cushions to sit on, but we also offer alternate seating to make every guest feel comfortable,” she says. “We also have really beautiful umbrellas for extra shade. It’s just really sweet and intimate.”

In addition to setting up the tableau, Emily can also arrange for food from her favorite local eateries. If photographs are requested to capture the event, she has a list of talented photographers. Everything is taken care of so clients can have a carefree, easy and beautiful celebration.

“Engagement proposals have been by far the most popular event,” she says. “The proposals are so sweet. They just fill up my heart.”

Last year, Emily had a gentleman contact her about proposing to his girlfriend. “Even though he and his girlfriend live in Texas, her family is from right off the island. I set up the picnic in Surf City and when the girlfriend, who thought he was still in Texas, arrived at the beach with her family and saw him standing by this picnic, she ran faster than I've ever seen anyone run before. He got down on his knee and proposed. Everyone was crying, laughing and taking pictures.”

She’s also overseen a few elopements. Her fiancé, Blase Clay, with whom she now lives full time in LBI, was ordained as a minister so they could offer full-service elopement packages.

Another popular occasion that people celebrate with Picnic Perfect LBI are bachelorette parties. Emily’s also done a lot of birthday parties, anniversaries, and extraordinary date nights for couples looking to change things up. 

Last fall, she arranged a picnic for a micro-wedding for about 50 people on the bay beach in Ship Bottom. “We customize the packages we have to fit their celebration needs. While the main picnic items basically stay the same, clients get to choose their themes and their flowers. We also offer custom signage so they can let me know what they want written on their personal chalkboard sign.”

In addition to her fiancé, Emily also gives a lot of credit to her parents, Bill and Kirsten Jordan, for the success of her business. “They have been my biggest mentors. My dad owns his own business and is one of the smartest people I know, and my mom went to the Culinary Institute of America and used to own a catering business.”

Beyond proposals and weddings, Emily’s clients hire her to celebrate birthdays, family, and overall special occasions. From sunrise to sunset, enjoy an elegant, relaxing, and memorable beach picnic experience with Picnic Perfect LBI.

Picnic Perfect LBI for:

Wedding proposals


Bachelorette parties



Celebrations of life

In addition to the beach, schedule an amazing picnic for a backyard, home patio or a rooftop deck in LBI.