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Dr. Tejal Ramaiya opened Body Moksha Physical Therapy in 2017 in order to give patients a better overall experience. “A healthcare professional’s utmost priority is managing a person’s health and function,” she says. “Dealing with pain and recovery is multifaceted, not a cookie cutter strategy. I decided to open my own practice so I could have more control over how I was helping my patients.”

She says many things come into play in someone’s recovery such as the person’s fears and anxieties around their injury, their experience and relationship with exercise, their lifestyle, and their life and fitness goals. “At Body Moksha Physical Therapy, we dedicate an entire 60 minutes to each patient. This allows us to devote quality time to the person in front of us to get to the root cause of injury and develop an individualized holistic plan rather than using a band aid approach. We aren’t looking to provide a short term fix - we want to give our patients a permanent solution while teaching them how to make the best decisions about their health so they can be in control of their own bodies.”

A physical therapist for 22 years, Dr. Tejal initially became interested in physical therapy at the age of 16, when her grandfather, who lived with her and her family, became sick and went into an inpatient rehab facility for two weeks. “I used to go visit him and watch him during his physical therapy sessions. It just seemed like something I would love to do…helping people get stronger and getting them back home with their families.”

Before opening Body Moksha, she worked in various private practices in New Jersey, New York, and Maryland. Today, she lives in Madison and has patients from all over the state.

“We currently have a team of three including myself,” says Dr. Tejal. “Sam, who is our front desk person, handles admin, marketing, and customer service. She truly lines up with our core values and has been a huge asset to our practice. Dr. Jen [Ryan] is an amazing physical therapist as well as a strength coach. She’s not only a pelvic floor specialized physical therapist, but also a certified Olympic weightlifting and CrossFit coach.” Body Moksha, she explains, is one of the few physical therapy practices in the area which focuses on pelvic floor physical therapy.

Another treatment approach that makes them stand out is that they emphasize true strength training. “As your body ages, it loses 7-10% of muscle mass per decade,” says Dr. Tejal. “By the time you hit 80, you have lost up to 40% of your muscle mass since you were 40! We strength train our patients of all ages, yes, even 80, to prepare their bodies to tolerate the demands of their life and their favorite activities.”

She and her staff take great pride in really knowing their patients. “We’ve built a community where people feel warm and welcome and never feel alone in their recovery journey,” she says. “We are there to support them every step of the way, even when they’re not in our office. We’re always available to communicate with our patients.”

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