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Personalized Dermatological Care

Brentwood Dermatology Adds Two Experienced Doctors

Dr. Kira Mayo and Dr. David Greeson joined the medical team of Brentwood Dermatology at 343 Franklin Road, Suite 202. 

Since 1983, Brentwood Dermatology professionals have provided medical and cosmetic dermatology services to clients for all types of skin-related health care, as well as outpatient skin surgery for benign and malignant skin lesions. 

Brentwood Lifestyle is eager to share the backgrounds of these two physicians as they expand the community's available customized skin care options. 


Dr. Mayo is a board-certified dermatologist and ACGME Fellowship-trained Mohs surgeon, with specialized training and expertise in treating high-risk skin cancer. At Brentwood Dermatology, her focus will be on Mohs surgery and associated reconstruction, as well as skin exams and excisions of cancerous and non-cancerous skin tumors. During a Mohs procedure, skin margins are checked real-time under a microscope, removing only skin affected by cancer.

"I enjoy working with all age groups, and love Mohs in particular, because I get to spend time getting to know patients," she says.

Protecting skin from the sun, by using sunscreen, sunhats and seeking shade, helps tremendously in maintaining proper skin care, reminds this surgeon. 

In America, Dr. Mayo says skin cancer is more common than all cancers combined. "Basal cell carcinoma is the most common type and typically presents as a slow-growing lesion that starts by looking a lot like a pimple. But it doesn't go away, and typically begins to easily bleed. Squamous cell carcinoma is the second most common type and can either present as a flaky pink/red rash, or a faster-growing round lesion. Melanoma is the third most common and typically presents as a new or changing mole that looks different than your other moles," she explains. 

It's time to seek medical evaluation if any new or fluctuating lesion is spotted, she says.

Dr. Mayo earned her undergraduate and medical degrees at the University of Virginia. She completed her dermatology residency at the University of Rochester, serving as chief resident. She then finished an extra year of fellowship training in Mohs surgery at the University of Michigan. After training, she practiced for five years at a dermatology practice in Fairport, New York.


Dr. Greeson's focus includes diagnosing and treating medical dermatology issues, benign and premalignant lesions, and skin cancers. He, too, is a board-certified dermatologist and has 20 years of experience. 

Dr. Greeson knows firsthand how important proper skin treatment is after having dyshidrotic eczema involving his hands and feet as a child. "My local dermatologist made the correct diagnosis and significantly improved the quality of my life when I was in the third grade," he says. "Patients now share with me the history of their condition, and together we formulate an effective treatment plan."

He and his family recently relocated to Tennessee to be closer to their extended family. Since 1999, he practiced at Dermatology of Athens, an affiliated clinic in Georgia.

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in physics from Rhodes College, he earned his medical degree at Vanderbilt University. He then completed a Visiting Research Fellowship at Flinders University in Adelaide, South Australia. He completed his dermatology residency at the University of Texas, where he also participated in joint dermatopathology training with military residents from Brooke Army Medical Center and Lackland Air Force Base.

Obtaining solid medical histories and performing thorough physical examinations are the most effective means of identifying accurate diagnoses, assures the doctor.

Dry, itchy skin is a typical complaint during winter months. Dr. Greeson says severe cases become xerotic eczema. "These issues can be avoided by using mild, unscented cleansers and moisturizers labeled for sensitive skin or eczema-prone skin. Minimize soap use on the back, arms and legs; don’t take long, hot showers because hot water strips oils from skin. Apply moisturizers within 3 minutes of towel-drying after showering or bathing. Try not to scratch – it worsens the condition and can lead to secondary bacterial infections," he encourages. 

Brentwood Dermatology office staffers are happy to assist with forms and insurance questions. The clinic also offers skincare products, especially for deep cleaning, moisturizing and bioserums.


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