Pet Nutrition and Grooming Paramount at Local Family-Owned Business

At Your Service Pet Supplies & Grooming brings best value in the valley

Just ask At Your Service Pet Supplies & Grooming Owner Gena Bunim why she got into this business, and you’ll understand why her customer loyalty is through the roof.

“In the ’90s, I had a Bearded Collie named Ranger. When he was about nine months old, he was diagnosed with Discoid lupus and was given less than five years to live,” said Bunim. “So, I dove into alternatives from steroids - which would shorten his life even more – and found alternative medicine and more nutritious foods for Ranger. He lived to be 16 years old!”

Finding her passion for the pet industry and quality pet products led Bunim to become a fast-growing pet supply distributor in Southern Nevada. She eventually sold the successful company and purchased At Your Service Pet Supplies & Grooming in 2009 with her husband, Bob.

“I know that pet nutrition is important for pets to feel good, avoid as many sick vet visits as possible, provide a higher quality of life, and ideally lead to a long pet life.” “That is why we pay meticulous attention to the products we carry. We always know where our products come from, where they are sourced, and what is in them. And our team is trained to help each pet owner find the best product for their particular pet.”

Just walk into At Your Service Pet Supplies & Grooming and you’ll understand. After you are welcomed by their friendly staff, you can ask any question to discover the nutritional value of specific foods; get help finding just the right crate, leash, collar, training gear, or elevated dog bowl; find healthy bones or chews; inspect the walk-in freezer for a full selection of best for dog and cat raw food options; and more.  They only offer premium products and carry items for canines, felines, reptiles, avians, and all your little critters. And every time a regular customer shops, they can earn “Paw Points” and Frequent Feeder rewards with every bag purchased. They also offer an Astro Loyalty app.

Customers that have discovered this local pet establishment become frequent fliers with its grooming services as well. Groomers discuss options with each pet owner before getting started and encourage owners to bring in photos if they have a preferred look.

Dogs, cats, guinea pigs, birds from tiny canaries to full-blown Macaw parrots, and more are welcome to get groomed with services such as bath and brush, tidy up, full-service grooming, puppy cuts, specific breed cuts, bird trimming, wing clipping, teeth brushing, nail clipping, and even CBD shampoo treatment that relieves stress and helps aid with any skin irritation.

New puppies are welcome and encouraged to come in for a grooming as early as possible to get used to being groomed, while senior pets are treated to the best brushes available to help save or salvage their fragile hair. Groomers will help educate owners on the proper tools for individualized pets. For example, a comb might be suggested for a fine hair dog or a slicker brush for dogs with mats. And if a groomer sees an animal with teeth or skin issues, they will alert the owner and make suggestions for food, supplements, or vet visits.

Be sure to check out At Your Service Pet Supplies’ hosted weekly “K9 Chiro Clinic” for dog adjustments by partner Dr. Sidney Carter, where you can see dogs that come in hobbling and leave jumping!

At Your Service Pet Supplies also offers online ordering for pick up or delivery — a savior service during the pandemic that has extreme popularity for its efficiency and high-quality customer service.

And if you don’t know what you specifically need, you can walk in or call and ask any team member. As Gena says, “Our food is guaranteed. So, if something doesn’t work out, we offer customers to bring it back and try something different so we can get it right for their pet. Seafood might be good for one dog but not for others…so we will try something else. Ultimately, we care about your pet and your pet’s health, so let’s get them what they need — together.”

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