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FOUND:RE  Phoenix. Photo provided

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Petite Pops of Art

From Hotels to Town Halls, Mini Galleries Show That Art is Not Always Where You Expect It

Mountain Shadows Resort Scottsdale 

Known for its picturesque environs, guests also enjoy stunning views of a different kind as they enter the hotel.

A carefully curated gallery features museum-quality exhibitions with paintings, sculptures, photography, jewelry, digital art, and even virtual reality art that audiences experience via a smartphone app. 

Curator and Scottsdale artist Cece Cole crafts a collection of works that unite in a theme or connect to what’s relevant. Every two months, a new exhibit features pieces centered on a specific subject matter, such as automotive art during the collector car auctions in January and February, and sports-themed works during spring training. 

About 95% of the pieces are for sale with about two-dozen sold each year.

The gallery has been part of the resort since it opened in 2017. It was the concept of Paradise Valley resident Scott Lyon, one of the owners, who is also a huge art collector. 

An opening reception kicks off each new exhibition as attendees, most of whom live nearby, are treated to conversation with Cole and wine from the resort’s signature restaurant.

“The motive of the resort was to make programming easy for local residents,” says Jesse Thompson, area director of sales and marketing. “We want locals as much as visitors.”


FOUND:RE  Phoenix

It’s not unusual for visitors to get a bit of a shock when they stroll into the hotel lobby—but that’s not a bad thing at this sleek Downtown Phoenix spot that boasts a gallery just to the right of the reception desk. Many stumble on it during First Fridays. 

“Often, they are shocked that we are a hotel and art gallery,” says Jordan Zurn, art curator. “We wanted to make this for the local community, as well as hotel guests, as an all-inclusive experience where we could support the Phoenix art scene.”

The gallery offers original pieces spanning a variety of media, even stained glass and an exhibit of upcycled objects. The pieces rotate every few months, with half of the works from each show getting sold.

The hotel collaborates with nonprofits arts organization Artlink to provide the work featured in the gallery and beyond. 

An art-based hotel since opening in 2015, it is adorned with large-scale murals, video art showcased on a six-story exterior wall, and other one-of-a-kinds. 

This includes the rooms, thanks to the new Embedded Art Program. This FOUND:RE-initiated project showcases works in guest rooms above beds and in the eat-in spaces.


Paradise Valley Town Hall Complex

At the hub of the town’s operations, an unassuming yet captivating pop-up gallery exists in a space most would not expect.

Over the last 25 years, numerous artists have had their pieces on display for a year-long show, treating town hall-goers to a visual and mental boost. Some are familiar with the show and find a reason to check it out, even if it’s to mail a parcel at the post office. Town hall regulars have come to appreciate the art. 

Those who stumble on it are excited.

“They make comments like, ‘I have relatives coming into town, can I bring them in to see this?’” says Laura Paquelet-Carpinelli, chairperson of the Paradise Valley Arts Board, which finds the featured artists that create pieces for the exhibit

Paintings, etchings, and sculptures have been among the mediums showcased by artists, all of whom must be residents of Paradise Valley. A new show goes up every October. It can be viewed during town hall hours. 

All pieces are for sale, with artists receiving 100% of the price on the tag. 

“This is designed to encourage people to celebrate art in Paradise Valley, and enjoy it for free,” Paquelet-Carpinelli says. “This is us volunteering our time to celebrate Paradise Valley artists and the art that comes from Paradise Valley in its purest form.”

  • FOUND:RE  Phoenix. Photo provided
  • FOUND:RE  PhoenixPhoto provided
  • FOUND:RE  Phoenix. Photo provided
  • Artwork by Tulio Pinto at Mountain Shadows Resort Scottsdale 
  • Mountain Shadows Resort Scottsdale 
  • Mountain Shadows Resort Scottsdale 
  • Paradise Valley Town Hall Complex. Painting by Bobby Lee Krajnik
  • Paradise Valley Town Hall Complex. Painting by Bobby Lee Krajnik
  • Paradise Valley Town Hall Complex. Painting by Bobby Lee Krajnik