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Phone Photography 101

Mobile Photo Tips with Evin Photography

Article by Maria Dinoia

Photography by Evin Photography

Originally published in Franklin Lifestyle

Evin Krehbiel first became interested in photography when taking a film photography class in high school. Then while attending Samford University in Birmingham, she interned for a magazine in their foods photography department and says, "That experience sparked in me a love for photographing food, styled tablescapes and interior design." Fast forward 15 years, Evin adds, "I have photographed hundreds if not thousands of portrait sessions and weddings, alongside a deep passion for styled shoots & content photography."  

Photography was initially a side gig for the mom of three, but business took off. And one can see why as her philosophy is service. "To be good and successful, you MUST serve people well. Listen to their needs and expectations, communicate your process clearly and seek to over deliver," Evin states.   

Her favorite piece of advice has served her well. 'Not now doesn’t mean not ever.' She explains,  "Especially when my kids were young, there were so many things I wanted to do with my business, and I kept trying to push them to happen right away.  The more years under my belt, I have learned how waiting is part of it. Good things come to those who wait."

Tip 1 -  Better light allows for a better quality photo. Try taking your subject over to the soft window light, or if outside, into the shade instead of in the direct sun

Tip 2 - Change your point of view. Try getting on eye level with your subject or capturing the scene from several different angles

Tip 3 - To capture a "Sunset Silhouette”...

    • 1. Subject should be between you and the sun
    • 2. Get low so the subject is above horizon line
    • 3. Focus on subject, tap screen & hold to “lock focus”
    • 4. Slide the sun icon on your screen to lower the exposure
    • 5. Shoot!

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