Pickleball in Style

Looking Good On and Off the Court


Are you a dinker or a banger, or a poacher or a pickler?**

If you don’t understand any of that lingo, then you must not be playing pickleball.

Hailed as the fastest-growing sport in the U.S., pickleball is taking Venice by storm. For newbies, the game is a mixture of tennis, table tennis and badminton. It’s very easy to pick up, and relatively inexpensive compared to other sports. 

Plus, pickleball is good for you. Not only does it provide an aerobic workout without too much stress and strain on joints and muscles, but it also offers a very friendly and social atmosphere. Studies show that people who remain active, and socialize regularly with friends, tend to be happier, healthier, and live longer than people who are less connected.

However, until recently, the availability of stylish pickleball fashion lagged behind the growth of the sport itself. But no longer, says Betsy Wietor, manager of Kristine Grace Resort Wear ( “When I realized that people were going crazy for pickleball I thought, ‘we need to get pickleball clothing in the store,’” says Betsy. 

Kristine Grace now sports on-trend pickleball wear from brands like Bella Bella Sports, Dinkers & Bangers, jojo+lo and PB1965. “Our customers love the clothing and the accessories, like bags, hats and visors, notepads and towels,” she adds.

So, if you’re looking to upgrade your style, on and off the pickleball court, head to 213B West Venice Avenue and check out Kristine Grace Resort Wear.  


Where to Play Pickleball in Style

BOCA ROYALE GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB: The pickleball program at Boca Royale GCC ( consists of open play, competitive play, social/beginner play, round robins, and socials. The program, which comes under Boca Royale’s Racquets Membership, offers a weekly session devoted exclusively to ladies’ play, and courts are available for reservation by members for private play. All levels of players are welcome, and lessons and clinics are available from IPTPA Certified Professional Dave Thieme

PLANTATION GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB: The pickleball courts at Plantation GCC ( feature lighting for night play, daily drop in play for all levels, a pickleball professional who gives lessons, runs clinics, and arranges bi-monthly socials, competitive leagues and interclub events. Memberships are available to residents that live outside the Plantation GCC neighborhood.

VENICE PARKS: Indoors at Englewood Sports Complex and Venice Community Center; Outdoors at Nokomis Community Park, Bypass Park, Hecksher Park, Wellfield Park, and Woodmere Park.



These on-trend, small-business-owner brands are available at Kristine Grace Resort Wear ( 

jojo+lo is a women-owned business offering statement-making pickleball apparel and accessories with a mix of retro, hipster, and Americana styles. 

Founded by pickleball enthusiasts, PB1965's goal is to provide fashionable, efficient, and affordable apparel that wows fellow pickleball players. 

Dinkers & Bangers offers classy and cleverly themed apparel and gear, with unique images and slogans applied to shirts, caps and even notecards.

“Always Play in Style" is the motto at Bella Bella Sports. The company’s clothing is designed to be fun, functional, and comfortable.



  • Banger: Someone who hits the ball hard and attempts to overpower their opponents in every match. 
  • Dinker: A player who can lob a controlled shot to opponents’ side of court so that the ball hits the non-volley zone (also known as the kitchen).
  • Pickler: A person who’s ‘addicted’ to playing pickleball. 
  • Poacher: A player who hogs his or her partner's shots.

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