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Picture Perfect Presents

Make your holiday season special with Hang Ups Picture Framing & Photo Printing

As an internationally award-winning framer and member of the Professional Picture Framer Association, Ursula Overdiek understands the value of memories. Her goal is to ensure that every piece that comes through the door of Hang Ups is handled with care. Whether you bring in your children’s drawings or paintings found during your travels, her team has you covered.

“We see the art; analyze; listen to the customer’s ideas, interpretation, and relation to the artwork; and design accordingly. We offer such a unique and large collection of frames and materials to customize the design,” says Overdiek. “That personalization is exactly why people come back and don’t feel lost.”

With modern technology, Hang Ups can also repair damaged and faded photos. This enables you to present heartfelt reminders of moments that are too precious to be forgotten, for generations to come.

“Many times, there’s only one original photo from 50—or even 100—years ago in the family. We can scan, restore, and reproduce it,” says Overdiek. “Then, we frame your photo or present it nicely on a matboard. It’s a very personal gift for family members who have everything.”

As you gear up for this season’s festivities, take the time to dig deep. Create a merry and bright holiday experience by giving the gift of immortalized memories to your loved ones. They will be able to adorn their homes with beautiful sources of inspiration, comfort, and sentimental value.

Pull together the most meaningful presents when you stop by 500 Brushy Creek Rd #302, Cedar Park. Find the perfect framing for your memorabilia with the help of the skilled Hang Ups staff.