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Pilates Full Body and Mind Strengthening Workout with a Side Benefit of New Friends

Every new year, we tend to set new fitness goals for ourselves. Fitness is more than physical wellness; it’s mental wellness as well. Pilates provides that and more.

Pilates is a great low-impact physical workout, a mini mental vacation from your everyday stresses. It also  connects you to a community of likeminded “Pilateans” who share similar goals within your own neighborhood.  The past eight months have been an emotional challenge for most of us.  Having a place to go to where you can work out your body and mind may be what you need this year. 

“People call it their ‘happy place’…they can focus on themselves,” notes Caroline Collins, owner of Club Pilates in Short Hills, Madison and Basking Ridge. A former athlete, she has been teaching Pilates for over twelve years and is a Master Trainer for Club Pilates. 

Pilates is for all body types and ages. It focuses on strengthening your core. “It’s a great low-impact full-body workout that strengthens your core, protects your spine, improves posture, and tones your entire body,” says Caroline.  “People also get to know each other and look forward to workouts together. We are a community.”

“Everyone in the studio is happy to be there. Happy to move their bodies, be out of the house and see friends! It’s a great body and mind workout.” Caroline Collins

5 Benefits 

+ Core Strengthening 

+ Mind Boosting

+ Full Body, Low Impact 

+ Lose Weight

+ Be Part of a Community