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The Queen Of Fun

An interview with Julia Hutton of Pink Limo

We sat down with Julia Hutton, founder of Pink Limo, to learn what she is all about. 

Where did the idea for a bright pink limo come from? 

“This is the second pink limo I’ve owned. I had another in Arizona, where I had a retail shop named, Biker Babes & Beyond. The first pink limo, named Lola...had a certain 'flair' that appealed to the prolific bike crowd. I had flames painted going up and over the hood.” 

What were the biggest challenges you had to overcome to bring Pink Limo to life? 

“The mechanical condition of the limo was in poor shape, yet the body and the inside were very good. I bought it with the knowledge it might be a mechanical nightmare, which it pretty much was. Finding a mechanic who would fix it and also a lift that was long enough to hold it while they worked underneath it was quite a challenge.

It is surprisingly difficult to find qualified drivers. They must have a clean driving record, be fun-loving, familiar with the area, AND be ultra-responsible. I also want some women drivers, which are really hard to find.”

You get to be a part of so many people’s special moments – do you have any stories that stand out? 

“Oh, yes! Once, we took a birthday party for a young lady and her friends up to the Queen’s Shopping Center. We decorated the back of PinkGo for the event with balloons, streamers, and a 'Happy Birthday' banner. Her mom wanted us to serve sparkling cider, which they drank from our champagne glasses, and we made darling gift bags with goodies the girls would like.

The other story that will linger forever is when eight fun-loving, adult women booked PinkGo to attend the premiere of Barbie. They all wore pink dresses, and we furnished a pink cooler, streamers, and Barbie everything inside. The women each brought their own Barbie doll. After the movie, we took them to Gertrude’s to share their memories and show off their wonderful outfits.”

What have you learned about the power of hospitality–or special moments–in making memories that last?

“It's about continuity and quality of life. Memories, in general, serve to remind us of where we came from. It is particularly enjoyable to reminisce with someone who shared a great memories from the past. It takes one back for just a moment to a precious time. For people who want to be remembered by a loved one, giving a wonderful memory can be the greatest gift of all because it keeps on giving. Physical gifts come and go, but a great memory not only doesn’t fade, it often enhances the experience over time.”

Why do you call yourself the Queen of Fun? 

“I love to have fun, which comes in various forms. A conversation, an event, a book, a thought, or an idea. There is enough in life that we must endure. Do anything, but don’t bore or disrespect anyone. They both breed trouble, and trouble isn’t fun. Be happy!”

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"Physical gifts come and go, but a great memory not only doesn’t fade, it often enhances the experience over time."