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Pizza Heroes... Where the Ingredients are the Heroes!

Q&A with the Owner and “Your” Pizza Chef

Pizza Heroes is a friendly, casual, Italian American family-owned pizza parlor where guests are treated like family. Each pizza is crafted with attention to detail and with the healthiest and tastiest ingredients available. The owners’ family has been in the restaurant and baking business since the mid-1800s in Rome and Apulia and two years in Henderson.

Pizza Heroes Owner and “Your” Pizza Chef Veronica Renna Babini shared some details about what makes their pizza so special.

What sets you apart from other pizza restaurants?

Why should pizza be a greasy junk food when it can be a perfectly balanced and nutritious meal for everyone — kids especially? We make our own pizza dough while others put a lot of sugar and yeast to make it rise faster, but that’s heavier for you to digest. We installed a water filtration system, so we only use purified water. We don’t add sugar or salt, and we use little yeast, making it light and easy to digest. Others also put lots of oil, butter, or eggs to make the dough softer. But we let our dough get soft through a long natural raise (a minimum of 24 hours). Our pizza sauce is made with 100 percent fresh crushed tomato, perfectly ripened from California. We don’t cook it or add oil, salt, sugar, or garlic. For pizza toppings, we only use all-natural American farmed and raised meats, handpicked vegetables, and delicious homemade ranch and marinara sauces. We have families and kids in mind; our goal is to offer them a healthy dinner. We care for our customers, and being Italians, we love food and eating well too!

Do you use local or seasonal vegetables?

We buy our vegetables from places that have paved the way for the healthy organic revolution, such as Whole Foods and Sprouts. We trust them to partner and choose the best farmers to give us consistently the necessary veggies that Americans expect and want year-round as their topping.

What are your most popular menu items?

All the traditional pizzas, white pizzas made with ricotta and mozzarella, vegetarian and vegan pizzas, delicious oven-baked and flash-fried “all-natural jumbo” chicken wings, Cannoli and Mini Cannoli with shells that are handmade in Palermo Sicily, and our ranch dressings (a handmade personal recipe that is ultra-smooth and digestible without any lemon juice or vinegar... but now I am telling you all of my secrets (she said with a laugh).