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Chimney Rock Inn

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Pizza Perfect

Bridgewater City Lifestyle Food Critic Goes on the Hunt for the Best Local Slices

Wondering where to find the best pizza in Bridgewater? A couple of months ago, I found myself pondering the same thing. So I underwent the arduous task of tasting all the pizza I could in order to create this list. 

Overall, I like two kinds of pizza: a classic pizzeria pie and something interesting. Both start as a blank canvas and transform into something special. You’ll find a little of each with this list of local favorites. Each spot hit all my criteria for a classic pie or for thinking outside the box. 

Let’s start with my take on pizza: The crust should be a little crispy on the outside with a nice chewy finish. A little char from a brick oven is always welcome, but it should not be burnt. You should notice the taste, but it should complement the sauce. Grandma’s pizza and Sicilian crust are obvious exceptions, but there are few others. Sauce should be made on-site, with fresh ingredients—bonus points when they are local Jersey tomatoes. For traditional pies, it’s got to be fresh mozzarella melted on top. For interesting, gourmet pizzas, I love experiencing blends of cheese that add layers of flavor. 

There’s no shortage of pizzerias in the Bridgewater area: large chains, small chains and local family-owned spots, each with their own following. They range from neighborhood favorites that focus only on pizza to family restaurants with broader menus—giving you plenty of options. 

Located on the north side of the Somerville Circle, Dominick’s has been a local favorite for 45 years. Soprano’s Pizzeria on Adamsville Road has one of the best crusts I’ve ever tasted. Barely more than a mile away, Carlo’s Pizza & Pasta offers a Grandma Vodka Pizza that will make you a regular. 

When I started this adventure, I knew I was looking for top-tier pizzerias, but I didn’t know just how hard it would be to choose a favorite. Several restaurants offered solid pizza, enjoyable to the last bite. But it wasn’t until I visited Joe’s in Martinsville that I felt immediately transported to Sicily. The crust, the sauce, the fresh ingredients. The kind, easy demeanor of the owner, Salvatore. I felt like I was in my Italian grandmother’s kitchen. 

I like seeing pizza used as a canvas for something interesting, and I couldn't have been happier than I was sitting in Lombardi’s, just a few doors down from Joe’s. Everything on the menu takes pizza to a new level, and I had a very difficult time choosing what to try first. I went with the “Enzo”: tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, pecorino, basil and crispy prosciutto. Each ingredient offered a notable layer of flavor and remarkable balance. Next, I tried the “Maple Bacon Pizza,” which adds fontina and pecorino cheeses to mozzarella to offer a wonderful richness that plays off the sweet and savory notes from the bacon. That was easily the most satisfying bite I had on this journey. 

If you’re looking for gluten-free or vegan options, they are almost equally plentiful. Joe’s and Carlo’s offer personal pizzas on cauliflower crust. Dominick’s and Soprano’s have gluten-free crusts on their menus. DeLucia’s has a Vegan Cheese Pizza while Chimney Rock offers “glutenless” crust and also a homemade whole-wheat vegan crust. 

In no particular order, here are my favorite locations for pizza:

Chimney Rock Inn: A family favorite, Chimney Rock, which has a second location in Flemington, offers a broad menu with tavern specialties, an activity-filled kids’ menu and a rotating craft beer list. Even with so much to choose from, you can’t miss the Legendary Pizza selection: thin crust, just crispy enough and well-balanced. The Margherita and Margherita Rosa are the most popular, and they offer one pizza for the whole family: the EPIC. This 28-inch pie, available for dine-in only, is perfect for the whole family.

DeLucia’s Brick Oven Pizza: Family-owned and run since 1917, DeLucia’s in Raritan still makes pizza in the original brick oven. To maintain the quality of their pizza, DeLucia’s uses a residual heat oven, which limits the number of pies they can make in a day—so call ahead. The crust is thin, crispy and definitely something to write home about. 

Joe’s Pizza: This is what I was looking for when I started this journey. A small, unassuming location in the heart of Martinsville, this spot just became my go-to for pizza night. Joe’s offered the most flavorful “plain” pizza I’ve had outside of lower Manhattan. A perfectly crispy crust, sauce made in-house and a balanced ratio of cheese made me want more with each bite. 

Lombardi Pizza Co.: If you’re looking for an elevated take on pizza, book a table at Lombardi Pizza Co. Among the most popular pizzas are the “Hadley” (fresh mozzarella, whipped goat cheese, pecorino, mushroom and truffle oil) and the “Franz” (fresh ricotta, fontina, pecorino, crispy bacon, spicy sausage and hot honey). They’ve even taken the classic Margherita to new heights, blending pecorino with mozzarella for an even richer flavor. Need a new spot for brunch? Along with their Maple Bacon pie they also offer a “BEC” (bacon, egg and cheese) sure to waken the taste buds. 

Try them all:

Richard Hannum (“Small Time Foodie”) is a food reviewer based in Bridgewater who studied at the Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts. Follow him on Instagram @smalltimefoodie.

  • Chimney Rock Inn
  • Chimney Rock Inn
  • Dominick’s
  • Dominick’s
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  • Lombardi Pizza Co.
  • Richard samples the Enzo (top) and maple bacon (bottom) at Lombardi Pizza Co.
  • Lombardi Pizza Co.
  • Maple Bacon slice at Lombardi Pizza Co.
  • Lombardi Pizza Co.
  • Richard Hannum
  • Richard Hannum