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PK Construction:

Builder Of Choice For Many Architects

Thorough communication from construction partners goes a long way toward happiness in home improvement endeavors. 

PK Construction Owner Troy Duncan says his company's shared goal is to handle home renovations as efficiency as possible, complete with their own internal plumbers and electricians, so they can control their schedules and avoid unplanned delays.

"Understanding the vision of homeowners and staying focused on quality are huge steps to delivering beneficial solutions in our business. The reality is that this approach, combined with having our own team, allows us to a better job overall," he says. 

He says they are geared toward specialized services at whatever level of involvement is needed for each renovation. 

"We want to finish on-time, along with at or under budget, for every project," Troy asserts. "Accurate prices, skilled craftsmen and very close project monitoring are keys to our approach."

Troy says one of the factors that makes them successful is that the company's employees are vested in the projects. "Getting the teams of architects, designers and our crews all working together early makes the difference," he adds. 

Since 1972, PK Construction crews have provided clients with a variety of services:

  • Whole House Renovations
  • Custom Room Additions
  • Kitchen Renovations
  • Bath Renovations
  • Custom Millwork
  • Specialized Woodwork
  • Custom Cabinetry
  • New Luxury Home Construction
  • Custom Tile, Stone and Slab Work

Troy says he partnered with the company's founder, Paul Kanyuck, about 15 years ago. He says it was the perfect partnership, with them both adding different values to their clients' projects. Although Paul retired from the business three years ago, he says they still deliver a core set of results and a professional experience to clients that came from them working together. 

Troy says he and another of PK's project managers stay in direct communications with an on-site superintendent of their team for every project. He says clients are much more satisfied when that type of frequent updates occur. 

PK Construction works quite a bit with designers, and their combined stellar work was recognized last year in that the company won four categories and was a finalist in six categories in the Design STL’s 2019 Architect & Designer Awards program. 

"The amazing designers we work with make it easy to get awards because they bring cool, fun ideas to the table. We take their paper drawings and make them happen. Designers like how we execute their ideas and we ensure we do them right," says Troy. 

He says St. Louis regional homeowners are beginning to embrace more modern, edgy flairs for their renovation projects, including clean lines and transitional styles. 

Troy also adds that thoughtful architects usually need about three months to complete the initial drawings for renovations. They then get the required renovation construction permits and pricing, with the whole process perhaps taking six months. 

"Our goal from bid to billing is to create transparency. We understand renovations are huge investments for homeowners, and we provide extremely detailed bids with abundant categories. How we build someone's project bid is an open book. And at any time, our clients can ask to look at charges or the number of hours put in. It creates a level of comfort for us all," says Troy. 

2020 National Home Improvement Trends:

  • Joint Center for Housing Studies research indicates carpets, floors, paneling and ceiling tiles account for the largest expenditures in home renovation annually:  5.3 million homeowners spend an average of $3,282 a year on surface improvements.
  • Home Improvement Research Institute Summit leaders verified that wellness-focused improvements are increasing. Popular products include nontoxic materials, water and air purification systems, and circadian lighting to improve sleep.
  • 2020 is predicted to be a year during which cost savings projects are desired, such as energy-efficient lighting, home insulation and improved roofing.
  • Extreme weather patterns have more homeowners investing in disaster-resistant home improvements and sustainability projects. 
  • Purchases of smart technology devices for homes are still on the rise, including robotic cleaning products, smart lighting, overall systems with better voice recognition, and unmonitored security systems.

PK Construction Owner Troy Duncan is dedicated to providing his clients with unique building services. He says setting a precedent with quality material and workmanship, attention to details, and high integrity every time they build is a way of life for PK Construction.

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