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Planning for the Future

Financial Advisor John Prichard Discusses Why Having a Plan is the "Difference Maker"

Article by Elizabeth Watson

Photography by Olivia May Photography

Originally published in Parker City Lifestyle

John Prichard spends his days thinking about the future. As a financial advisor with Edward Jones, John assists clients in setting their financial goals and establishing a plan to meet them.

“I have learned that the term financial advisor can mean many things to people. Communicating what a comprehensive financial plan entails, what I as a financial advisor cover, and what wealth management includes is often a surprise for prospective clients,” he says.

John has been with Edward Jones since 2018 and says of his profession, “I really enjoy the planning process. While I believe I'm quite good at investments and my engineer and doctor clients love to hear all about the most minute details on why we should do one thing over the other, I find the plan is the difference maker.”

In creating a plan, John says, “The single most important question I ask my clients is; ‘What matters most?’ For potential clients asking 'where they are today' and 'where they want to be' helps me understand them, their priorities, goals and values.”

Priorities, goals and values can look dramatically different for each client. As a financial advisor, being able to create a plan that is specific and successful includes many different factors.

“The complicated and easy part to this is it always starts with the goal,” says John.

John believes the use of  S.M.A.R.T. goals is beneficial in ensuring financial strategies are clear and precise.

He explains, “S.M.A.R.T stands for Specific: What exactly we are planning to do while being as precise as possible, Measurable: Clear numbers so we can track our progress, Achievable: Is it possible to be done with the skills and resources available or are changes needed, Relevant: Will it lead to a meaningful beneficial result, and Time-Bound: When is the start and end date to this specific goal so that it fits in the plan.”

John continues, “All that being said, the most meaningful part of my job is being there for clients during life's unexpected challenges. I find immense significance in providing support during the difficult times.

Helping clients navigate adversities, empathizing with their experiences and offering practical solutions is where I feel my role truly makes a difference. Being able to stand by them, feel their struggles and assist them in overcoming obstacles brings a sense of fulfillment that goes beyond financial advising – its about genuinely caring for their well-being and journeying with them through life's ups and downs which is why I chose to do what I do.”

  • John Prichard, with his wife Allie and their daughters Emilia, Elizabeth and Hailey, has been a financial advisor with Edward Jones for more than six years.
  • An important question that John asks his clients to assist in the planning process is; "What matters most?"