Planning to Sell Your Home?

Brittany Linville of Metropolitan Real Estate Group provides four ways to prepare for listing your home.

This summer, while face masks and social distancing have turned our world upside down, the real estate industry appears to be stronger than ever. Mortgage rates are at historical lows, allowing first-time and seasoned buyers to hit the ground running in search of their perfect home. And when we say buyers, we mean LOTS of them.

With the statewide Stay-At-Home order putting a delay on the spring market and in-person showings (which were allowed again May 7), buyers are feeling the pressure to send in their offers quickly for the limited inventory of homes available for sale. Sellers are benefiting from this supply and demand ratio while prices seem to be holding steady– or going to bidding wars in some cases. The good ones are going fast, which is why sellers should make their best efforts to have their home stand out above the rest.

Buyers are looking for HGTV-inspired homes or the finished product...not the fixer-upper. Today’s buyers have bigger issues to worry about. They want to feel comfortable and safe in a home without thinking about a laundry list of projects to be done at the house before they even get settled.

I have worked with buyers and sellers all over metro Detroit, and one thing they all want is a smooth transaction. That’s what I’m here for! I have a background in Communications and PR, so I do my best to take the guesswork out of the home buying and selling process. I am always there for my clients, helping them make informed decisions. I want my clients to refer me to friends and family and call me back years later when they are ready to sell because they had a great and memorable experience.

Real estate negotiation expert Brittany Linville can be reached at (734)-765-2612 or brittanylinville@MetroRG.com.

Four Ways to Prepare for Listing Your Home

1. Hire a Photographer.

Pictures are worth a thousand words, so let’s make it a positive dialogue! Cell phone photos are nothing compared to the wide angle shots and correct lighting that a photographer brings to a shoot. Plus, aerial photos and 3D Tours are critical in this new market when buyers may want to limit their time doing in-home showings for health reasons.

2. Create Curb Appeal.

Draw people to the door by making them fall in love at the street. Cut the lawn, pull weeds, trim hedges and freshen up with low-maintenance flowers and perennial shrubs. Power wash brick and siding to give your home an even look. Summer is prime time to show off your home’s true beauty!

3. Do a Pre-Listing Inspection.

Tackle little problems before buyers notice and get scared off. If larger issues are discovered, you can get quotes from local contractors and adjust the price to reflect the necessary repairs.

4. Make Your Home Available.

You can’t sell it if people can’t get in (or at least virtually tour it)! Buyers may have a very different schedule than you. Make your best effort to approve every showing and give buyers privacy during their scheduled time.

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