Playful Yet Sophisticated

The Story Behind Sketch + Co.

What do you do when your child completes coloring books in record time? You start making your own sketches for them to color. At least, that’s what Randy Reeves chose to do. 

“He was at that stage where he would just zig zag a crayon across the page and it was done,” Randy shared. “We were blowing through coloring books left and right, so I thought I’d just draw something.”

While sitting at the kitchen table one fateful day, Randy’s wife, Mandy, took notice. “I was like, 'Wait, what? You can draw?,” Mandy laughed. “I never realized he had such a gift.” 

Randy had always enjoyed drawing, but it had gotten away from him later in life. His drawing style was childlike, yet sophisticated, and the pair knew there would be a market for that type of art for children. Together the Reeves’ began brainstorming, and soon, Sketch + Co. was born in May 2018. 

“We finally said 'what the heck, let’s just go for it,” Mandy shared. “We got our ducks in a row and worked on a series for a while, creatively trying to hone down things like what types of colors we wanted to have and what things went together. Randy does all of the sketching, and I try to give a lot of input around content, color, tweaking things a million times. It’s been a fun way for us to work together.” 

Playfully, Randy claims the title of chief creative officer with Mandy as the intern. But in truth, the pair work seamlessly together to curate an adorable collection of designs for others, all created and packaged right in their home. 

The Sketch + Co. aesthetic is playful, yet sophisticated enough to enhance interior design in homes. Existing collections include birds, boats, dogs, fish, flags, surf and turf, whales, wheels, and wildlife, perfect for a gallery wall or accent piece that nods to a child or family’s unique interests. While existing designs are available for purchase, Sketch + Co. also accepts commissions and customizations. 

“Everything comes in standard sizes like eight by ten up to thirty by forty,” Mandy added. “But we can do any size. We have all of the sketches and art, then when orders come in, they’re printed to order.” 

With orders fully customizable, even existing art can be tweaked for color or size to integrate seamlessly in-home. But Randy has also sketched commissioned pieces like hot sauce bottles, a riff on the Coppertone sunscreen logo, a child’s favorite lovey, and much more. 

Art is meant to be admired and often discussed, and Sketch + Co.’s commitment to simple, meaningful design is sure to spark conversation. What’s more, Mandy and Randy are Franklin residents and source all of their services locally, so a piece or a gallery is truly locally-made and curated. 

As Sketch + Co. has continued to grow in popularity, the Reeves’ feel an outpouring of gratitude. 

“It’s been such a blessing for me personally to have a creative outlet, and even better that I get to do it with Randy,” Mandy shared. “We try to involve the kids anytime we do a photoshoot and we try to involve their artwork anytime we can. For me personally, it’s been so nice to have an outlet for an area that I really love that I don’t get to do on the daily.”

For Randy, the most fulfilling part of the job is seeing his kids, Lizzie and Beau, get excited about new sketches, and using their own interests as inspiration for new designs. Plus he enjoys gifting custom sketches to friends, family and coworkers. 

“It’s special having dreamed about doing something, follow through, then look back and be like, ‘Man, we did it,” Mandy added. “The kids have always loved to draw, but they are so proud of Randy and his talent. They love to try to emulate him.” 

The full collection of designs is available to view and purchase on, and the pair are happy to discuss custom options. To keep up with the latest designs brought to life, follow along on social media at @sketchandcompany.

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