Plumbing Tips That Back You Up

And Not Back Up Your Plumbing

Faulty plumbing is frustrating to contend with, so we asked Kim Vega, Residential General Manager of the Dupree Plumbing Company, to outline three key principles for shipshape upkeeping.    

#1 – Annual plumbing inspection and water heater flushing

Prevention is essential to avert leaks that can flood and ruin your flooring, drywall and personal property. Flushing out sediment and sludge collected in your water heater is critical to its duration and efficiency. Like in poker, a straight flush beats a full house.

 #2 – Flush only toilet paper

If your toilet is literally toiling away, chances are you flush it incorrectly. “Flushable wipes are not so,” Vega explained, “routine use can produce clogballs that block obsolescent drain lines, which require much more sophisticated equipment than a plunger.” In sum, flush nothing else but TP.    

#3 – Mind your garbage disposal

Greasy foods do not belong in your disposal; they solidify later. Noodles absorb water and expand, clogging your drain. Coffee grounds and eggshells bind up inside rather than exiting into the sewer. Discard only non-greasy scraps not containing bones.    

The Takeaway

Plumbing issues happen unseen behind walls and underground - preventive care will save you from draining your own checkbook. 

Licensed and family-owned, Dupree Plumbing Company has served Cobb County since 1958.

BBB accredited and A-plus rated.

869 Worley Dr, Marietta, GA 30066

(770) 428-2291


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