Plush Home

An Interview with Plush Home's Owner, Ellie Faghihi

Tell me a little bit about your business and how you got started in it.

Over the years, as I traveled, domestically or internationally, I found myself collecting pieces that I couldn’t find in Houston. I found stores in Houston to all carry the same selection of products and brands, without anything unique that related to my sense of home. So, in 2004, I decided to open Plush Home to curate a selection of luxury linens and home décor pieces from around the world. I not only sourced from the well-known national brands but smaller European companies that would allow our clients to design a home that felt thoughtful, personal and collective. To this day, Plush Home not only offers a fully bespoke collection of luxury linens, but we have an extensive bath shop, a unique selection of gifts, a diverse array of decorative pillows and some one-of-a-kind home accessories.

2. What makes our spaces at home so important? How can we relate it to self-care?
Our homes are the ultimate refuge. It’s where we start each day and return to each night, so it’s where we should feel the safest, the most relaxed, and the happiest. It should reflect our personality, needs, likes, and vision. Once it embodies all these characteristics, it allows one to achieve self-care however he or she defines it.

3. How do you practice self-care in your own home? How does your business reflect that?
I surround myself with beautiful pieces that make me happy. I create spaces that allow me to enjoy time with both my family and friends. I love entertaining, so my home is where I can share time and happiness with them.
I take a similar approach to Plush Home, where my clients become my friends. I want their shopping experience to be personal, where I genuinely get to know their needs – not only their design aesthetic but also how their family lives – so we can find pieces that are perfect for them.
As you may notice, our store is set up with an open floor plan, with a dining table at the center. This is so our clients can come in, sit down to enjoy a cup of tea or glass of wine, and browse at their leisure. We want the shopping process to be one of discovery by inspiring you to find pieces that are not only beautiful but crafted to last so they can enjoy them for many years. Unlike other boutiques, price is not a deciding factor; we have gifts ranging from $20 to several thousand dollars.

4. What makes Plush home stand out from other stores?
My family has been involved in luxury textiles for over 5 generations, and I’ve specifically been involved with bespoke bed, bath and table linens for more than 30 years, so personalization and customization are the cornerstones of our business.
Your home is personal and should be a true reflection of you, so we’ve sought out vendors across the world who allow us to customize their products to our clients’ specifications. We want to make your dream home a reality. Whether it's finding the right color or pattern, or customizing the size, we love helping our clients’ visions come to life.

5. As a woman in business, what advice would you give?
Be always proud of what you are and what you have achieved. Be confident in showing your strength but be humble at the same time. Be ready to change with time and open to learning new things. As you become successful, don’t forget the people that have helped you to achieve your goals.

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