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Pool Envy

An Oasis In Your Own Backyard

Article by Jessica Wayman

Photography by James Williams

Originally published in Franklin Lifestyle

Beauty is perceived in many ways. There is beauty in color, in shapes, and things the eye can see. There is also beauty in performance, spirit, and in passion. A work of art by Perfect 7 Pools embodies it all.

Owner Jason Shapiro and his wife Jayme moved to Franklin in 2012. The couple was visiting some friends in Williamson County when they fell in love with Franklin. “It was literally love at first sight as soon as we saw it,” said Jason. The city’s small-town charm with abundant amenities and activities drew them here to stay. “There are great places to visit all over, but as far as quality of life, I don’t think there’s a better place in the country, and I’ve been all over.” Jason was working for another pool company at the time but soon decided that he wanted to take on designing and building pools in his own way.

The name “Perfect 7 Pools” was inspired by the family’s loved ones always insisting that they have the perfect life – a standard Jason joked is hard to live up to. Once they added a golden retriever to their family of six, they took it and ran with it in a name. While one can argue that no family is perfect, it is hard to argue that about the pools that this builder creates.

Breathtaking by day and by night, the pools feature pristine bodies of water decorated with dazzling waterfalls, beautiful stonework, and cozy spas and fire pits that offer a warm, charming atmosphere where friends and families can relax and be comfortable while making lasting memories together. “I look for inspiration within the customer,” said Jason. “As I walk into a house, I immediately start taking in the style as much as I can and try to start the building blocks of the design in my mind.”

Aesthetically pleasing as the pools are, there is more to it than that. Dedication is in the details all the way down to the in-floor filtration system that keeps the water sparkling clean and an automation system that allows interaction with the pool with the touch of the customer’s phone. That’s what distinguishes Perfect 7 Pools from other luxury pool builders. “We’re different in that we care more about the things that other people don’t want to take the time to do or that are hard to do. We care enough to give the due diligence we need to and to not take anything for granted,” said Jason.

Perfect 7 Pools


Pull quote: "A good pool is not defined by the nature of the aesthetic. The inner workings, how it functions, the builder's philosophy - that's what makes the difference in a truly good pool."

  • The Shapiro Family