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Pork Belly Farmhouse

Adding Charm to the Nolensville Landscape

The tiny town of Nolensville has experienced somewhat explosive growth in the last five years. Retail construction, new homes, new schools and great new restaurants have emerged and jazzed up the landscape. One such restaurant is Pork Belly Farmhouse. PBF opened on Nolensville Road in what used to be the McCord Family Farm and then eventually was intended to be an office building.

"That was challenging, to go from shifting plans from an office to a restaurant. They are built very differently," says General Manager Kevin Crowley. "When the owners saw the location and what was happening with the growth in Nolensville, it was a no-brainer. There's so much in Nashville right now, it just made sense to go to the outskirts."

The Pork Belly name may sound familiar. Owners Chris Chwirut and Kristian Morgan opened Pork Belly Cafe about four years ago in neighboring Lenox Village just down the road.

"The Cafe is basically counter service. You order at the counter, sit down, and they bring you your food. Pork Belly Farmhouse is more of an upscale, sit-down dining experience," Kevin says. 

And the menus are different as well.

"Farmhouse offers a restaurant entree kind of feel, whereas the Cafe is fast-casual soups and panini sandwiches," he adds.

Co-owner Kristian spoke to WilliamSource last October, shortly after PBF had opened.

“Pork Belly is the brand, and Farmhouse is the concept. Chris and I realized that you could put the words 'pork belly' in front of any food item or restaurant concept and it just rolls off the tongue. We established Pork Belly Restaurant Group prior to deciding on our first concept in 2015,” he said. 

And the Pork Belly name will continue its expansion as plans are well underway for The Pork Belly Tipsy Pig in Carothers Farms in—you guessed it—Nolensville.

"It will be a taproom with a neighborhood watering hole kind of feel. It won't be the same as the Farmhouse or the Cafe. It will be a separate concept altogether," Kevin says.

Tentative plans have it opening within the next six months. 

“Opening in Nolensville has been amazing. This is a very special community with a strong sense of tradition and values that we deeply identify with," Kristian told WilliamSource. "We are eager to participate in the community as a place for people to gather and connect. We believe in the social connection of sharing a meal with friends and family, and we can’t think of a better place to be for that.”

In the meantime, Pork Belly Farmhouse introduced new brunch starters, such as breakfast tacos with house chorizo, eggs, pickled jalapeños, mixed cheese and crema; tot skillets with jalapeño aioli, mixed cheese, green onions and bacon; and Chef's Choice breakfast sandwiches that can include sunny eggs.