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The Wheel Deal

Powder Coat It! creates custom looks that last

As many drivers in the Valley of the Sun know quite well, high temperatures, road debris and other issues can make wheels and rims scratched, drab and dull.

Thanks to the powder coating service from Powder Coat It! in Tempe, your rims and wheels can look better than ever.

As Owner Josh York notes, he and his team have been drastically improving the appearance of tire rims and wheels since 2014.

“Powder coating is a type of coating that is applied to metal surfaces to protect them from corrosion and wear,” he says, adding that the dry finishing process involves electrostatically charging a fine powder and spraying it onto the metal surface.

“Powder coating is a popular alternative to traditional liquid coatings because it is more durable, environmentally friendly and can be applied in a wide range of colors and textures.”

While many customers are asking for black or bronze powder coating for their wheels and rims, York says they offer more than 7,000 different colors.

“We can powder coat your alloy wheels that came on your car from the dealer. This gives the car a completely custom look for a fraction of the cost of new wheels, plus this way you get to keep the tires your car came with.”

Because powder coating is four times stronger than paint, York says it is exceptionally durable.

“The wheels will also clean easily because brake dust and road dirt does not stick to the smooth powder coated surface,” he notes.

York and his team at Powder Coat It! work on all makes and models of vehicles, and they offer a convenient drop off service.

“Drop the car off on a Monday morning and we will take care of everything, including taking off the wheels, dismounting, remounting and balancing the tires, and then reinstalling them back on your vehicle. You will receive the car back on Friday afternoon.”

Powder Coat It! is at 903 N. Miller Road in Tempe. To learn more visit or call 480-967-7004.