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Balds Have More Fun

These Notable Huntsville Men Retired Their Barbers And Wear The Look Well

Gone are the days of men being self conscious of going skin to wind. Celebrities like Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, Bruce Willis, Jason Statham, Tyrese Gibson and more have made the shaved head quite the 'it' look. These notable Huntsville men embrace it with style and have tips for anyone still holding on to those last strands.


Co-Owner, Haley's Flooring and Interiors

Where were you born? Born and raised in Huntsville, AL.

What brought you to Huntsville? Although I graduated college with a biology degree, I guess it was my destiny to work in the family business. As far back as I can remember, I worked at Haley's - in the warehouse, taking up flooring, delivering jobs, cleaning toilets, you name it, I’ve done it. I think my father knew what he was doing by putting me in almost every position so I could see it firsthand what that position entailed. 

When did you first go fully bald?  I finally caved when I was 32. 

What was the last straw? When you start strategically placing hairs with product to maximize the surface area coverage…it was time for me to let it go. 

What do you love about being bald? Never in a rush to get ready. Windy? No problem.  Rainy? No problem. Bad hair day? Not happening.

Pro tips? Don’t miss the hairs right above your ears (those little guys are sneaky) and make sure you don’t miss any lines of hair. No need to look like a badly harvested corn crop.

Your favorite bald celebrity? Would have to say Bruce Willis…pretty sure he’s the godfather of bald men.


Madison County Circuit Judge 

Tell us about your career. I tell folks that I’m a recovering trial lawyer. I began my legal career as a law clerk for retired Circuit Judge “Buddy” Little.  After spending two years as a prosecutor, I transitioned into private practice where I spent my last few years focused on employment law. I’ve been blessed to serve as a Circuit Judge in Madison County for the past ten years.

What legacy do you hope to leave in Huntsville? I believe that being a parent is the most important role in my life. Professionally, I’m blessed to have the honor of ensuring that our citizens have access to justice, regardless of their lot in life. It has been a privilege to serve the people of Madison County these past ten years and I hope I have the opportunity to serve as long as I’m able.

When did you decide to go fully bald? I first went “all in” around 2005. Our first child was born in 2004 and when looking at a photograph of myself holding my son, I first realized how little coverage I had in the back. My wife returned home one afternoon to discover that I had completely shorn myself. She was a little less than thrilled, to put it mildly, but it has grown on her over the past 18 years.

What was the last straw? The tipping point for me was my dad’s attempt to be supportive by bringing over a bottle of Rogaine as a gift for me. 

Pro tips? HeadBlade makes great shaving products. I invested in a HeadBlade razor and have never looked back. Their shave cream (HeadSlick) is the best.


Founder, Director and Tour Guide of Huntsville Revisited Museum

Tell us about Huntsville Revisited. I opened the museum as a result of a lifelong appreciation of history and preservation. My great-grandparents and grandparents instilled within me a love and appreciation for this community. Jim Batson, owner and president of Blake Brothers/HC Blake, made it possible for me to open up in June of 2020. 

What do you love about Huntsville? I love everything about Huntsville! I love the people. I also love living in the beautiful Tennessee Valley with this awesome backdrop, Monte Sano. I love the Tennessee River, it is one of the places I go to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. And I really appreciate this renaissance we are going through. I love the growth.  

When did you first go fully bald? At age 43.

What was the last straw? I decided to shave it all off when hair no longer grew on the crown of my head. 

What advice would you give to other men fighting against going bald? Embrace the change and appreciate the money you save from not having to go to the barbershop. 

What do love about being bald? I don't have to keep up with current hair styles. 

Pro tips? I use clippers to get my hair as short as possible. I use hot water and soap to wash my head and prepare my scalp. I have found that this makes my hair soft and easier to cut. I try not to use the same blade more than twice. Take your time, you don't want to nick your scalp.

Products you love? The Gillette Mach 3 is my razor of choice along with Edge Shaving Gel. I prefer the razor versus the electric shaver. I use shea butter to moisturize my head. 

Your favorite bald celebrity? Lou Gossett and Harry Belafonte. If I can only choose one, it's Harry Belafonte. 


CEO, ServisFirst Bank

What brought you to Huntsville? I was born in Astoria, NY but my family moved here when I was six weeks old. It was in 1969 during one of the many space/defense job booms our area has seen over the years. My father was a physicist and his job was in space/defense.

What do you love about Huntsville? Most of the people I knew growing up here were anxious to move away to bigger cities. Now, many of those same people have moved back to this area because of the quality of living and how much our community now has to offer. 

What legacy do you hope to leave in the community? I’ve really enjoyed watching team members that started off as tellers or college interns now in officer-level positions as commercial bankers, private bankers or other leadership roles with our bank. 

What was the last straw to going fully bald? Covid. When I couldn’t get to the barber, I finally asked my wife, Sarah Lauren, to shave my head. I never went back to the barbershop.

What do love about being bald? The ease of getting ready in the mornings or going out at night, the coolness it provides during the warmer months (although I have an assortment of toboggans for the cooler months).

Pro tips? Keep it simple. I use the #1 setting on the Braun waterproof adjustable razor. I believe the razor cost me less than $50.