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Kate Jones loves matching customers with their "Wow" colors.

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Power of Color

Tap into the colors that bring out your beauty

Do you know of someone who always looks great, and you have no clue just how they manage to do it?

Kate Jones has an answer, with the use of color to determine which clothing and makeup shades will most enhance your appearance.

A color analysis can be best described as a balanced process of art and science, which determines your best clothing and makeup shades based on your skin undertones. As a consultant, corporate trainer and franchise owner for House of Colour, a leading global image consulting firm, Kate has the extensive training and experience to help you transform your appearance and give you the confidence that comes from looking your best as your authentic self.  

Your individual appointment with Kate will help you visualize how your complexion responds to different hues of color. Using specialized colored drapes, she will establish your ideal color palette, categorized by season, and recommend specific colors that will accentuate your features the best – your  “WOW” colors. Additionally, she will advise you on how to wear your palette's colors, including head-to-toe looks and pops of color. Kate will also provide you with a quick and straightforward makeup tutorial on creating a stunning makeup look in just 90 seconds, that will have you glowing and feeling your absolute best.

Kate’s consultation covers a lot of territory, everything from lip and hair color to jewelry metals and color combinations. Fortunately, you will not have to commit everything to memory. Kate will provide you an extensive customized booklet loaded with practical information, and a color fan of your precision-dyed swatches, as a guide to help you shop or dress.

As a busy young mother working part-time in a ministry, Kate found shopping for clothes overwhelming, and the daily act of choosing what to wear increasingly frustrating. It was only after her consultation with House of Colour that she discovered her own WOW colors, which she’d never thought would bring out her radiance, and she became an instant convert.

As she explains, “It was thrilling to find colors that looked so much better on me than my usual default of black. I felt that my vibrant Autumn colors were a much better reflection of who I was on the inside.”

For Kate, it was a life-changing experience, one that she felt deeply motivated to share with others. 

Now she has realized her dream of helping others experience the joy of transforming and enhancing their appearance. Kate is the ultimate people person, who enjoys nothing more than seeing the joyful expressions on her client's faces, as they watch their inner and outer beauty emerge through the magic of color analysis. Kate also offers additional bespoke services including style analysis, which walks through a wardrobe that honors the shape of your body, proportions, what details you need to honor your personality, and the way you want to be perceived. 

A Dallas native, Kate loves the people and the community of Northlake, with its energy, diversity, and activity. She enjoys trying new recipes, hosting friends and traveling to new places. She also stays very busy trying to stay one step ahead of her very energetic children.

It’s time to let Kate and House of Colour help you discover your best and most beautiful, radiant self! Call her today to book an appointment. 

  • Kate Jones will go through the complete palette of colors to find what's right for you.
  • Kate Jones loves matching customers with their "Wow" colors.
  • From head to toe, Kate Jones will find what's right for you.
  • Kate Jones wants to have you confident in what you wear.