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Powering Homes With Sustainable Energy

Neighborhood-Solar Represents Consumers In Search For Dependable, Economically Savvy Energy

A long-term vision of Neighborhood-Solar’s founder is to make solar energy accessible to every neighborhood in Texas, including Frisco. As an innovative solar broker, the company's owner, Amanda Finney, partners with a thorough range of national solar providers to serve as a single point of contact for home and business owners seeking customized, cost-efficient sun-powered energy solutions. 

Amanda says Neighborhood-Solar’s model is different than other solar-related companies in that they aren't an installer. "As a brokerage, we work for, and advocate on behalf of, our customers to find the best prices and top products in the industry, giving them competitive advantages while identifying their best solar options. We have flexibility in options and significant buying power that benefits our customers, giving them a leg up."

Whether a homeowner or landlord, Amanda says they represent fully customizable home systems. "Each home’s consumption and family’s requirements are different and that's why our team works with customers one-on-one to ensure each home system perfectly meets their energy needs," she adds. 

Neighborhood-Solar was launched after Amanda, and her husband, Michael Finney, sought energy- and water-conscious options for their own home. "What we discovered was that bids for solar energy were all over the place, and there wasn't consistency in system size recommendations. We began our research about eight years ago, and at the time, energy providers did not work well with solar. Then we realized it was basically an unregulated industry, with no checks and balances at that time." 

"We got plans and bids from 15 to 20 companies, from regional installers to small operations; honestly, I lost track of how many exactly. Many of the people working in the solar industry are trained to make same-day sales. We didn't know what to trust," recalls Amanda.

"So, when we started Neighborhood-Solar, we wanted customers to be able to truly understand the benefits of solar while lowering their monthly financial obligations. Solar is a good way to do that."

She says a best solution starts with realizing that consumers want to save money on their energy bills, and that many don't know those are fixed costs. "Post-pandemic, people are still looking to save money, and don't always realize they have the power to choose from where to get their energy," she adds. 

Additionally, she says many don't have time to research energy options, nor keep up with different energy rates. So, as a solar brokerage, she says they do the research legwork, system designs, sizing, pricing estimates, product selection and contractor identification for customers. Anchored with a focus in Texas, Neighborhood-Solar also operates nationwide, with goals of expanding internationally, she adds. 

Being part of local community initiatives are important to the Finneys. Amanda is on the nonprofit board of Community Businesses Making An Impact. Michael is a member of the Frisco Chamber of Commerce and Justin Rotary.

"Our goal is to ensure our customers are set up with the best energy solution for their long-term investment," Amanda says. 

For every install that Neighborhood-Solar facilitates, Amanda says they plant trees -- sometimes on customers' lots, sometimes via community public spaces. She adds that they realize selecting solar power as an energy source is an economic and lifestyle choice, one that they embrace and value themselves. 


Neighborhood-Solar Pillars:

Diversified Products And Service Offerings

Amanda believes in delivering quality products to customers, so she says that's exactly why they only offer Tier 1 equipment, which is built with higher standards to last longer and to produce abundant solar power. "We can expect Tier 1 manufacturers to honor their product warranties. All our customers receive the best products from vendors with solid reputations; that's something of which we're proud."

Top Design Experts

Neighborhood-Solar’s team is equipped with the right industry knowledge to develop the most cost-effective and efficient energy producing systems. "Our team ensures that solar systems are producing the most energy offset at the best value possible," Amanda says.

Multiple Financing Options

Whether choosing to buy the system outright or finance a solar system, Amanda says team members are equipped to discuss all options to determine what is best for each project's needs.

Exceptional Customer Experience

Amanda says the Neighborhood-Solar team provides step-by-step notifications of installation projects. They also offer all customers their own personal project manager. "Our team will be there for you every step of the way," she assures.