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Prairiebrooke Art Gallery Customizes Your Space

Consultant Designs Art Plans for Offices, Homes

Nearly 30 years ago, Prairiebrooke Art Gallery opened its doors in downtown Overland Park. Specializing in custom artwork consulting for offices, homes and spaces throughout the greater Kansas City area, the team at Prairiebrooke is in the business of making life beautiful. As a comprehensive art house, they do it all—from finding the perfect piece of art, designing custom framing and managing installation and placement.

Megan Hoban is the president of this second-generation, woman-owned art business located in the heart of Johnson County. 

“We’re proud to have been recognized over the years for our achievements in arts, business and leadership,” Hoban says. 

The award-winning gallery is housed in a 6,000 square foot barrel-roof building built in 1928. Here, Prairiebrooke’s clients are treated to an extensive retail gallery, custom framing operation and corporate art headquarters. Over the last three decades, Hoban, her family and their trusted staff have provided art services to thousands of commercial and residential clients. Hoban, who joined her mother, Brooke Morehead, and the Prairiebrooke team 15 years ago as an art consultant, says that the art business is more than just work.

“As the second-generation owner of Prairiebrooke, my joy is in connecting art and clients for a truly special space.”

Prairiebrooke curates artwork that reflects your unique and personal brand, image and style.

“In a world full of art options online, having an art consultant to lead the way through the process is important. In corporate art consulting, designing an art plan that is consistent with a company’s image is even more crucial.”

According to Hoban, this is what sets Prairiebrooke apart from other storefronts and online retailers. 

“As part of our process, the design goes beyond color and placement as we work to create a collection that complements a company's vision and image to enhance the workspace for visitors and employees alike. Coordinating our in-house custom framing, delivery and installation make for a seamless project that is completed on time and on budget.”

The Prairiebrooke team knows that well designed and placed artwork can greatly enhance a workspace or public area. 

“Art is a key design element that creates cohesion between the flooring, furniture, wall color and overall design at eye level. Art needs to be a key part of the design process from the very beginning, which includes giving art a place in the budget.”

She also recommends including art and framing as part of the overall remodeling or building budget to ensure that the art purchase is intentional and not just a hasty afterthought. Hoban’s extensive work in the corporate art design sector makes her a valuable asset in the planning process. 

“When designing for a corporate space, size, scale, placements and coordinating a collection that appeals to many tastes is key. Incorporating a mix of art styles, media and substrates in an art plan can add depth and sophistication to the collection. In our experience, we could be working on the placement of 1 to 300 pieces of artwork in a range of industries from a multifamily development to a healthcare environment. Each industry requires a unique approach to art selection.”

Prairiebrooke’s skilled consultants provide expert guidance in selecting pieces from artists all over the world.  

“Over the years, we have built relationships with artists, vendors and design professionals to deliver an unmatched art experience to our clients. These relationships are what allows Prairiebrooke to deliver a full-service art experience to their clients beyond clicking around on a mass-production site. The heart of Prairiebrooke has always been our staff, artist and clients. The personal touch of connecting clients to art for their homes and offices is something that can't be matched in an online purchase. We continue to grow through referrals and relationships and look forward to many great opportunities to come.”