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Plank with Arm Reach and Hip Extension

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Pre-Turkey Workout with Columbia Athletic Club

Work Up a Sweat, Pre-Stuffing

Article by Allison Holm

Photography by Provided by Columbia Athletic Club

Originally published in Kirkland Lifestyle

Thanksgiving is around the corner, so work up an appetite and stave off unwanted calories with these Turkey Day exercises provided by Brandi Ohlsen of the Columbia Bay Athletic Club. These movements don’t require equipment and can be done anywhere. Increase the intensity and work each exercise into an interval-based program by aiming for a maximum number of reps during a set time or by completing three sets of 10-15 reps for each movement. 

Alternating Lunge with Straight-Arm Rotation

With a tall spine, extend arms forward in line with chest. Press hands together to create resistance, and step back into lunge position. Keeping hands in line with sternum, rotate arm outward toward front leg. Step forward and alternate lunges side to side. Modify: Hold a stationary lunge vs. stepping back into a lunge. Intensify: Add a plyometric jump switch.

Push-up into Alternating Side Plank

Start in preferred push-up position (full plank or kneeling). Lower body toward floor, and back up. After each push-up, slowly rotate to one side into a side plank, moving through midline to other side. Modify: Do exercise on your knees. Intensify: Add single leg lift on push-up and side plank.

Squat Arm Reach into Burpee

From squat position, lower hips toward floor, keeping heels down. Reach upward, keeping arms straight, shoulders down, middle back retracted. Bring hands to floor, and jump back into plank position. Jump back into squat position and repeat. Intensify: Add a jump or an elevated surface.

Reverse Tabletop into Opposite Hand-to-Toe Touch 

On hands and knees, slowly elevate knees off floor. Hold, activating your transverse abdominal muscles. Rotate your body in to out, swiveling into a thoracic bridge position. Reach your top arm to opposite foot while extending leg into air. Modify: Hold knees off ground in reverse tabletop position. 

Speed Skaters 

Squating with feet apart, push off from inside foot, jumping laterally. Land toe to heel, decelerating momentum. Pause at landing before jumping to other side. Modify: Step side to side. Intensify: Change speed or distance of jumps.

Plank with Arm Reach and Hip Extension 

Begin in a forearm plank position with elbows under shoulders. Alternating arms, reach forward and return back to set position. After each reach, alternate to legs by lifting one leg at a time up and down in line with hips. Make sure to keep hips up and in line with shoulders. Modify: Perform exercise in a kneeling plank position. Intensify: Reach arm and opposite leg together in plank position.

A big thanks to the Columbia Bay Athletic Club in Juanita for these moves. Even a brief workout will have you feeling better about saying "yes" to seconds. 

  • Squat Arm Reach into Burpee
  • Push-up Into Alternating Side Plank
  • Reverse Tabletop Into Opposite Hand to Toe Touch
  • Reverse Tabletop Into Opposite Hand to Toe Touch
  • Alternating Lunge with Straight-Arm Rotation
  • Plant with Arm Reach and Hip Extension
  • Push-up into Alternating Side Plank
  • Speed Skaters
  • Plank with Arm Reach and Hip Extension
  • Plank with Arm Reach and Hip Extension

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