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Precious Gifts

Helping every child experience those most treasured memories of being a kid

Article by Danica de Jong

Photography by A Precious Child

Originally published in Broomfield Lifestyle

Remember what the holidays were like as a child? Where the ritual of waking up Christmas morning fueled with anticipation left you stumbling into the living room still half asleep? Or how the tactile feeling of unwrapping presents triggered suspense, excitement, and delight, all in equal measure? Maybe the holidays were more about gathering loved ones, sporting matching pajamas, and watching reruns of “A Christmas Story” while noshing on sweet potato pie. As a child, it’s the time of the year when fond moments are made in the part of your memory bank that get you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

For many of us, this special season is a time of joy and tradition. Suddenly the smell of pine and peppermint instigates a slew of nostalgic flashbacks that remind you to call your mom. But for the thousands of Denver Metro children living in poverty, some of the most treasured celebrations of childhood are not always affordable indulgences. When keeping the heat on in the dead of winter takes precedence over presents or when a child’s wish list subconsciously includes necessities (like new socks or a toothbrush) rather than items that are desired like toys or games—it’s no wonder why so many children return to school after the winter break feeling less excited to swap vacation stories with their classmates.

To A Precious Child, a Broomfield-based nonprofit that services all 8 Denver Metro Counties, every child is a gift worth celebrating which is why Precious Gift, one of the 11 programs offered by the organization, was created. “It’s easy to forget how things like gifts for the holidays are a luxury for many families who can barely afford to pay the rent,” Carina Martin, CEO and Founder of A Precious Child explains. “Every child, despite their circumstances, deserves to be celebrated. We want to help them experience the joys of the holidays with their family and provide a sense of normalcy during difficult times.”

The Precious Gift program helps thousands of children receive special gifts for birthdays and holidays. In preparation for this holiday season, A Precious Child does something extra special by inviting the public to sponsor specific children’s wishes and holding gift drives for children and families in need. Last year alone, they were able to provide more than 15,000 children and teens with gifts for the holidays. Sometimes, these presents are the only ones they will receive for the season. “The gifts were an unexpected blessing in disguise,” one Precious Gift recipient had stated. “We’re now able to budget the money to use it for Christmas dinner.”

For almost 15 years, A Precious Child has helped provide thousands of disadvantaged children and their caregivers with the tools and resources they need to empower them to achieve their full potential. With a strong focus on Family & Child Advocacy, Family Stability, Academic Success, Social & Emotional Well-Being, and Workforce Development, A Precious Child helps strengthen the community by bringing people together and creating opportunities for children in need.

2022 Precious Gift Drive

Help A Precious Child reach their goal of providing 13,750 children with gifts this holiday season by hosting a drive or sponsoring a child. For more information or to learn more about the program, please visit: