Prepare Instead of Repair

These owners of automotive shops agree, you cannot overestimate the importance of proper and timely maintenance.

Article by Allison Bankston

Photography by Sean O'Neil, Aspen Art Co

Originally published in Arvada Lifestyle

Rob Osborn

Applewood Service Center

The pandemic has left us with a shortage of new cars, and Rob says that means we need to keep our older vehicles running longer. Oil changes are crucial. Rob says. “It's important to follow the recommended schedule for your vehicle. Without proper maintenance, your car can't last or keep you safe.”

Another overlooked maintenance step is replacing your cabin filter, known as the forgotten filter. “With all the smoke we've experienced in the last year with recent fires, it's especially important.” And don't forget to check your radiator hoses. “Most people don't do anything about it until they're on the side of the road.”


Scott Young

Arvada Auto Tech

Used cars are lasting much longer now than 20 years ago but only if they're cared for by their owners. “When it comes to maintenance, it's a lot like child support. Pay a little now or a lot later.” Scott recommends getting your car looked at regularly by a trusted auto shop. Build a relationship with someone, so you know what might need to be addressed now or soon.

“Oil changes are recommended every 3,000 miles, and all fluids are recommended every 30,000.” Scott also suggests a car fund through your bank. That way when big repairs crop up, you're prepared.


Amy and Blake Erickson

A & B Auto Repair

“People's vehicles tend to be their babies,” says Blake, “We hate to give them bad news about their babies. One of the biggest mistakes is not addressing things when they first pop up. That can create more expensive repairs.”

Brakes are often overlooked. “If you are hearing noises, you should have it looked at immediately. Better to pay $100 now than $1,000 later.” Check your engine cooling system, too. Your antifreeze can become acidic over time which can lead to corrosion. Blake advises, “You want to make sure you know anything that might affect your safety or the safety of other drivers.”

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