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Preparing to Sell Your Home?

Russ of Russ Knows Real Estate provides four tips for those who are in the process of selling their house.

In our current hot seller’s market, it’s much easier to sell a home than buy one; therefore, Russ Ragone of Russ Knows Real Estate recommends having your next home either purchased (or under contract) prior to listing your home: “This will make working with potential buyers much easier and could also increase the number of offers and prices from buyers who need more immediate occupancy after closing.”

It’s important to be working with a good real estate agent to not only make home selecting and buying as smooth as possible but also the selling process easy, as well. As a real estate agent, home inspector and real estate appraiser, Ragone can provide insight and guidance for home buyers/sellers in ways that no other real estate agent in metro Detroit can offer. He can be reached by email at or by phone/text at (248) 218-1755.

  1. Even in a seller's market, it is important for the house to show well, which includes keeping it clean and tidy for showings and an open house.  

  2. If you are aware of any major issues that you've been putting off correcting, it is best to correct them prior to listing the home. Even though in this current market your home will likely sell regardless of any known issues being corrected or not, having major issues corrected will prevent leery buyers from backing out after a home inspection. Plus, a house with no major issues will attract higher offers. For these reasons, a pre-listing inspection is very helpful!

  3. Don't get hung up on listing your house for the highest price possible. In this current market, houses are actually selling higher when the house is listed at a more reasonable asking price because it will attract more interested buyers at that price level and create competition and desire, which ultimately drives the offers higher. Listing the house too high could result in a limited number of interested buyers with offers more limited to the asking price. 

  4. Be ready to move, both physically and emotionally. Many homeowners who have raised their family in their home end up having a hard time letting go once purchase offers come in. Hesitation or even considering backing out of a purchase because you realize that you just aren't emotionally ready will create a lot of frustration for all parties (and possibly even legal consequences).

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