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Performing with Mickey Guyton/Courtesy of CMT

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Prepping For The CMT Awards

Red Carpet Ready with Breland

Article by Stylist Molly Free/Instagram: @stylememolly

Photography by Provided

Originally published in Franklin Lifestyle

Everyone loves a red carpet - the outfits, the glitz, the glamour, the jewelry! What most do not know is how much preparation goes into a red carpet and that it is more than just shopping.

The prep for an award show starts weeks before, first starting with doing research. Yes, you read that right, research. I like to research past red carpets for the specific show to get an idea of the dress code as well as make sure there isn’t any outfit repeating. After that, I consult with my client to get an idea of what type of look they are going for, what they feel best in, and what they do not feel best in.

Next, I reach out to any brands myself and/or ones the client has relationships with to see if they would be interested in partnering for the event. It gives the brand great press and content, and we get to choose from special pieces. From there the fun part begins -- the shopping!

I shop online and in-person to begin prepping for a fitting. You want to ensure that you have a variety of options, colors, and styles for a fitting to cover all of your bases. When shopping, you have to think of every situation from what will the weather be like down to the possibilities of the colors the carpet will be. It is some heavy lifting - shopping and then lugging multiple pieces of clothing, shoes, and jewelry back to the car. I also loop in my tailor to ensure they can be there for the fitting for any alterations that are needed.

During the fitting, I already have an idea of what I call my “hero” looks, the looks I think would be best. However, I let the client shop the rack first so they can pick out their favorites. From there, we try on, take photos, and do any fit adjustments. After the tailor completes the alterations, I steam the outfit, pack up the shoes, necessary undergarments, and accessories to bring to the client the day of the show. I will get them ready, make any final adjustments, and send them on their way for their red carpet moment!

Some of my go to spots for shopping in Franklin include Citizen for street wear and sneakers, Franklin Road Apparel for brands you won’t find in the mall, and Johnnie Q for unique jewelry and cufflinks.

Make sure you tune-in to CBS on April 11th to see the outfit my client Breland wears to the CMT Music Awards this year! 

  • Molly Free
  • Photo Courtesy of CMT
  • Performing with Mickey Guyton/Courtesy of CMT
  • Photo by Mike Lerner
  • Photo by Mike Lerner