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Prepping Your Garden for Spring Planting

Broomfield’s ACME Hydropnics & Organics gives expert tips for a successful harvest.

Article by Sarah Schierkolk

Photography by Sarah Dawn Photography

Originally published in Broomfield Lifestyle

1. Map out your available space with pen and paper. This will help you plant each variety in the most ideal spot and help you decide what to grow where (we recommend growing what you like to eat). 

2. Consider your plant hardiness zone. This will increase your ability to create a garden that can flourish from year to year and make gardening less frustrating. In the Broomfield area, most of us are in zones 5b-6a. 

3. Check your inventory for gardening supplies and seeds, then stock up at ACME Hydroponics & Organics. Start seeds indoors by working backward from your average last frost date, which is typically around May 7th. 

4. Clean your garden beds by removing debris, old plant labels, etc. Prepare your soil by adding a thin layer of organic compost or organic amendments to your beds. Try a no-till method to keep your soil alive. 

5. Begin the hardening-off process seven to 14 days before planting your seedlings outdoors, slowly acclimating your plants to outdoor conditions. This helps prevent transplant shock and prepares your plants to thrive outside.

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