Historic Gratitude

Dr. Dustin Webb and wife Meagan dream big and execute even bigger.

Article by Scott Bell

Photography by Payton Wright Photography

Originally published in Gallatin Lifestyle

Being thankful for our health is one of those things we may not think about every day, but it is arguably the most important daily item we have for which to be thankful. Doctors making house calls was always a staple in healthcare throughout history and had long been the primary way for a physician to see an ailing patient in many areas. However, as our time became (and continues to become) more of a valuable asset in our everyday lives, the way we did things changed, too–and so did our way of seeing our doctors and other professionals. Seeing that need around us, Dr. Dustin Webb and his wife Meagan began a journey to provide in-home and in-business chiropractical care to individuals, families and businesses as a way to better help serve people who need to balance busy schedules yet still need access to quality care that we should all be seeking and never neglect. 

Dr. Webb graduated from MTSU with a degree in Exercise Science and completed his

doctorate of chiropractic at Life University in Marietta, GA. He worked in several traditional

office settings including high-volume clinics and led his own team. But, through these ventures, he began to see that a need was there for a more practical approach to his passion for helping others. By seeing a need in the community and finding a solution to it, Chiropractical Mobile Wellness was born in 2020. “After working on several different practice models, our family desired to make preventative healthcare more convenient and practical for both the modern family and business professionals. We saw there was a missing link in the way we do healthcare. People often feel like a number and feel unseen and unheard and definitely don’t make time for preventative healthcare/self-care,” Dr. Webb recalls when reflecting on the inception of his vision.

The concept of mobile healthcare and individualized house calls is not new, but it is being revolutionized and perfected by Dr. Webb. Chiropractical Mobile Wellness allows a patient to schedule a house call (or a workplace call if someone desires treatment at their place of business). Their model is based on quality and convenience and Dr. Webb says their mobile model has been a, “game changer” for so many people in our area and that seeing corporate, office, studio and labor workers be able to attain specialized chiropractic care that works within their schedule to help them regain function really brings so much joy to the Webbs. Dr. Webb also provides prenatal and postpartum care, as well as specialized care for children, adolescents and to our senior population–bringing his table, equipment, treatment plans and anything else needed into a patient’s home or office to give them their time and health back!

Dr. Webb is not only a skilled chiropractor but also has become a skilled carpenter! In addition to his innovative endeavor of service of bringing house (and workplace) calls back to our area, he has worked side by side with his wife Meagan and their three children in the renovation and preservation of various historic homes in our area. Their latest undertaking is beautifully and accurately restoring and preserving a historic and iconic home in Gallatin named Wallspring which was built in 1827 and is currently on the National Register of Historic Places.

At 23, Meagan also graduated from MTSU with a degree in Interior Design and a minor in Construction Management. It wasn’t long after the couple was married in 2008 that they bought their first historic home and completely renovated, preserved and rescued the Spanish-style piece of Nashville history. They lived in the historic home during the entire renovation and Meagan teamed up with her mother to make the renovation a family affair. After seeing the rewarding progress and preservation of their first effort, they have since replicated their historic home renovating process 15 times! While Dr. Webb still assists in his free time, the mother/daughter team, now known as the SheHabbers (@she_habbers), has developed a name for themselves taking area historic properties that most people run from and historically preserving them to their former glory. Curating designs to keep their historic charm but adding modern functionality and touches is how Meagan uses her design expertise even further to enhance the preservation efforts. “Continuing to rescue historic homes/commercial spaces in Gallatin is definitely a dream that we plan to continue to pursue. Gallatin is dreamy and oozing with the small-town feel that so many are longing for these days and I hope to help keep her that way,” says Meagan. So well said and so do we–we can’t wait to see it!  @chiropracticalmobilewellness  @she_habbers 

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