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Preserving Through Soulful Music

Newtown Musician And Dorsea Band Lift Up New Delta Blues Rock Tunes

Article by Julie Brown Patton

Photography by Skyler Cole Photography

Originally published in Newtown City Lifestyle

"We will always be the light, burning ever bright. Falling in sync to the songs of our time. Imagine we're frozen in amber and covered in white."

Telling personal perspectives regarding the essence of appreciating 'Life,' note by note, beat after beat, is Newtown-based singer/songwriter Matt Dorsey, who celebrated the release of his new album, “Frozen in Amber,” with a recent concert at the Newtown Theatre. He says he also celebrates day-to-day living in such a supportive community, after relocating to Newtown about 10 years ago with his wife, Camille, a native of Bucks County.

"I'd been playing nationally and in spots like San Diego. A decade ago, Newtown wasn't known as a big music region, and I felt challenged. It was hard to find a voice and audience at first, but it's gotten better year after year. To see from where this local musical community came to today is magical," recalls Matt, who was the first musical artist in recent history to perform at the theatre. 

"We have a lot of local talent, creativity and a solid neighborhood feel for the arts. I wanted to demonstrate that everyone didn't have to drive to a big city for entertainment and well-done concerts," he adds. 

Now manifesting a country/pop with bluesy undertones sound, the new album also has a bit of organic jazz fusion at times.

Originally from Bristol, Tennessee, and a cousin to June Carter Cash on his musical grandmother's side of the family, he believes his folk-inspired musical lineage runs familiarly deep. "My music is influenced by artists like John Mayer, Van Morrison, Eric Clapton, The Allman Brothers Band, B.B. King, Dave Matthew and Bruce Hornsby," says the guitar and piano player who has performed as the opening act for artists, such as Miranda Lambert, Bret Young and Toad the Wet Sprocket. 

Having played acoustically, Matt says his passion for music was confirmed while he was in college. "My best friend was my biggest music advocate when we got out of college, but I lost him to suicide. His battle remains impactful on me. It taught me that we're only here on Earth for a short time, so why not make the most of it?"

One of his prized possessions is a 1965 Gibson guitar, which was given to him by his best friend's mother, Janis Hogan, after that friend passed on. He says she purchased it at a pawn shop, not realizing what an heirloom it was. 

As a landscape artistic painter, Janis had recreated a picture of Matt when he was a young boy to give to his parents. That same painting is the sentimental album cover for Frozen In Amber.

Matt's new album was a yearlong project, done in collaboration with his band, Dorsea. He says the chemistry between everyone in the band was phenomenal. "The feedback has been positive, with some people saying, 'You don't know me, but I've been listening to your music and it's endearing.' It's really nice to hear our songs are resonating with people outside of our families and friends. I think it indicates we're on a good, core path."

From where does Matt soak in inspiration or ideas? He says he's currently motivated by the growing Newtown community, his relationships with his family members, being mindful of people, getting ideas at hotels or on planes, and his vision of not having to deviate from his own newfound style. Additionally, both of his sons, Brayden,9, and Syler, 7, sang on the Frozen In Amber album, adding to his bloodline's legacy. 

"Lyrics may start with an expression of an emotion, and then go through several rounds of interpretations. For example, people may think a song is a romantic love song, but it actually started as a bond with a beloved dog," Matt shares. "For the rest, a chord progression or theme solidifies. Then the music evolves from there."

He says learning transcendental meditation from his in-laws has had many positive effects on his songwriting, because that's his method from clearing his mind from his day job in health care and precisional medical devices so he can turn his energy into expressing more free-flowing creativity. 

Matt says he plans to release some new singles this fall, and to collaborate with country band Matt Freedman & The Herd. He says he also looks forward to continuing to work with producer/singer-songwriter Peter Joseph Hall in his recording space at his Pennsylvanian home, Breakneck Studios. 

Dorsea is the brand used by Matt Dorsey in his numerous, musical adventure projects. Between Breakneck Studios in Pennsylvania and Studio G in Brooklyn, New York, the group creates a pop vibe with bluesy roots. The new album showcases Matt's guitar playing, as well as his lyrical progression as an artist. Listen to the band's tunes online at Linktree/ and visit for more details. 

"Traveling helps me write both lyrics and music. Untouched places, like the Scotland Highlands, are huge driving forces. Seeing the world without infrastructure and being in nature gives me the lens of appreciating time here. I may connect with 30 seconds of melody; after working with notes, it grows into 3 minutes. Sometimes, you have to grind your way through it. It's a cool process," says Matt Dorsey, Newtown-based singer/songwriter.