Preserving Nature for Future Generations

Oak Canyon Nature Center offers sanctuary and enjoyment for curious nature lovers.

            Oak Canyon Nature Center is a 58-acre natural park, trails, and educational center in Anaheim Hills just off of Nohl Ranch Road in Anaheim Hills. Three adjoining canyons and trails are home to thousands of air and land creatures, where wide-winged birds of prey glide and circle through woodland oak and coastal sage scrub surveying their territory, as squirrels and rabbits bound from rock to tree stump towards the year-round running stream.  

            Oak Canyon serves as a reminder of what much of southern California looked like up before Orange County was built up around it. Individuals, families, and school groups can adventure together at the John J. Collier Interpretive Center, a museum with live animals, regional natural history exhibits, and a meeting and educational center for day programs that will put the future of the natural world into the hands of the next generation.

5 Ways to Show Your Love for Nature

Show your respect for natural resources by conserving and preserving them. Share the natural world with your children and grandchildren to show them how you care about the world they are inheriting.

Reduce and re-use before you recycle. Recycling is not the solution it used to be because recycling facilities are not equipped to handle the excessive quantity of items thrown into them. Avoid using single use plastic items whenever possible. 

Replace the grass lawn with a climate appropriate drought-tolerant landscape. Talk to lawn maintenance leaders about caring for your home or office yard with non-chemical yard care alternatives.

Eat your colors. Results from an Oxford University study by Poore and Nemecek published in Feb. 2019 states that adopting a vegan diet is “the single biggest way to reduce your impact on planet Earth” by reducing the amount of water, land, and natural resources used to grow food.

Think globally, eat locally. Help organic farmers’ crops by eliminating herbicides and pesticides on your lawn. We need healthy birds, bees, and butterflies to pollinate local crops that show up at our farmer’s markets and supermarkets, and to reduce the amount of toxins in our water.

Oak Canyon programs for all ages

O.A.K.S Day Camp is for children ages 5 to 12 to develops outdoor awareness and knowledge of Native American culture and traditions.

Wilderness Survival Camp is a teen program for 12-14 yr olds to learn survival skills using teamwork to build shelters, learn first aid, and master the sport of archery.

Roots N' Shoots is a Saturday community service of 2 hours per week to maintain trails and keep Oak Canyon looking good. 

Nature Nights are on Wednesday evenings in the summer. Start with a twilight walk and then enjoy a formal presentation on a variety of awesome topics including birds of prey, astronomy, and more.

Oak Nature Center is located at 6700 E Walnut Canyon Road in Anaheim and is open for self-guided walks from sunrise to sunset. The Interpretive Center is open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 10am-3pm, and Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday 10am-4pm.  To schedule a group tour or to inquire about programs, visit them online at Anaheim Community Services or call 714-998-8380.

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