Preserving Nature's Treasures

Orange Beach Wildlife Center

Orange Beach Wildlife Center & Management Program is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of injured and orphaned wildlife in Orange Beach, AL. They have been providing care and support to a wide range of animal species, including birds, mammals, and reptiles; serving our non-human friends and allies in the best way possible. 

"The primary goal is to provide a safe- haven for injured or orphaned animals and to give them a chance to recover and return to their natural habitats", says Melissa Vinson, Coastal Programs Coordinator.  The Wildlife Center works to ensure that each animal receives the best possible care and works with other organizations to assist in specialized cases. Once an animal is rescued, it is carefully assessed and provided with immediate medical attention, and a care plan is developed.  

The animals are housed in spacious enclosures that mimic their natural habitats, allowing them to regain their strength and develop the skills necessary for survival in the wild. 

In addition to their rehabilitation efforts, Orange Beach Wildlife Rescue wants to raise awareness about the importance of wildlife conservation and what you can do to help. By fostering a sense of responsibility and respect for wildlife, the organization aims to create a community that values and protects its natural resources. 

For Injured or Orphaned Wildlife:

  • Inside Orange Beach city limits, call Police Dispatch at (251) 981-9777

  • For domestic animals, please contact Police Dispatch 

  • Outside of Orange Beach city limits, call 1-844-303-WILD (9453)

  • For dolphin and whale stranding (live or carcasses), call 1-877- WHALE-HELP (877-942-5343)

  • For manatee stranding's (live or carcasses), call 1-866- 493-5803

  • For Sea turtles, call 1-844-SEA-TRTL

Report manatee sightings to DISL’s Manatee Sighting Network at 

If an animal is injured, please do not offer it any food or water as they might not be physically fit enough to process the food offered. Please get the animal to the closest licensed wildlife rehabilitator.

"We provide care for injured or orphaned animals and return them to their natural habitats"

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