Pretty Little Planters

Spring has arrived and with it come the nurseries overflowing with beautiful plants and flowers just waiting to adorn our homes.  Container Gardening Expert Lindsay Blashaw, former owner of Avant Garden and wife of HGTV’s Matt Blashaw, gives us a crash course on how to easily put together aesthetically pleasing planters to celebrate the season and welcome in guests. 

“Your planters should be an extension of your home and your personality,” she says. She likes the idea of carrying the style from inside your home to the outside. 

Lindsay shares that herb gardens, although functional, are also popular right now. “Since herbs aren’t always the most interesting plants visually, pairing them with a bright, fun pot is a great way to add visual appeal.”  

Lindsay loves the idea of creating an outdoor oasis in the backyard that can also be brought indoors when the weather changes. She shares that you can complement a pool or pergola by adding in green and softening the look of the area. You can achieve this by "bringing in tropical potted plants or succulents versus planting them in the ground and trying to maintain them in what can often be difficult soil.” 

Lindsay’s tips for creating beautiful planters:

  • Choose the right location. Consider the light your container will get and what time of day it gets the most light before picking the plants.

  • Consider your space. If you have a tall entryway, choose plants that will add height. If you have a symmetrical front stoop, add plants and pots that mirror one another for a clean look. A large space may allow for multiple planters of varying heights.

  • When selecting your plants, think of choosing a “thriller, filler and spiller.” Choose one plant that will be the focal point, likely with some height to it and color, then another plant that fills out the pot nicely and one that overflows and spills out over the edge of the planter creating contrast. 

  • Do not fill the entire pot with soil, this can be costly and also doesn't allow for proper drainage. Instead, turn a plastic pot upside down in the bottom to fill up space and allow oxygen to move through. 

  • After planting always use a good granular plant food.

  • For a professionally finished look add moss and smooth flat stones or pebbles to cover soil.

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