For the Love of Dogs

Meet dog groomer Mary Rodriguez

Why should dogs be professionally groomed?

Every breed of dog needs some sort of grooming. even if they have short hair. At a minimum, they need to be clean and have their nails trimmed. Regular grooming plays a part in every dog’s overall health and wellness.

How often should dogs be groomed?

I always tell my clients on average, every four to six weeks and no longer than eight weeks. That's pretty standard for any breed of dog.

You’re not only a dog groomer, but you also train and show your own dogs. Tell us a bit about how those worlds work together.

Being a part of dog sports is not only a passion of mine but it also allows me to learn more about breed-specific grooming. My staff and I are very involved in various dog sports with our own dogs, which in turn helps us learn about all the different breeds, see how they're getting prepped for shows, and see them in action doing what they were bred to do.

Just being in that environment helps us in our jobs. It is very rewarding to be able to spend time learning about the different breeds while spending time with our own dogs.

Why else are dog sports good for dogs?

Dog sports are a great bonding experience between dog and owner. It keeps the dog physically active while keeping them mentally stimulated at the same time. Being involved in some sort of sport or activity with your dog is also helping them stay well socialized. I believe that these things play an important role in giving your dog a full, happy and balanced life.

Business Owner

“What I love about my job is the people that I meet and the great dogs. I feel that being a groomer impacts a dog's life in a positive way.”

Dog Lover

“I’ve known from a very young age that wanted to work with dogs. I love being able to spend time with my clients’ dogs, build a relationship with them, make them look nice and feel good.”

Care Giver

“A groomer is really important to a dog’s overall health. We have our hands and eyes on them every few weeks and in most cases that is more than their veterinarian sees them. We always notify the owners if we notice anything unusual going on with their dog or if they need to be seen by their vet.”

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