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Prevail Rehab and Fitness

Helping Clients Triumph Over Limitations By Pairing Fitness Training And Injury Rehab

Article by Delia Jo Ramsey

Photography by James Williams

Originally published in Brentwood Lifestyle

5 Tips From Prevail's Head Trainer, Sean Larkin

  1. Consistency in all aspects of health is key.
  2. Learn how to be in control and comfortable in uncomfortable situations.
  3. Let your easy days be easy and hard days hard.
  4. Focus on physical capabilities rather than physical aesthetics. The more you can do physically the better you will look and feel. 
  5. Enjoy the process and journey just as much as the destination or the goal. 

Husband and wife duo Derek and Katie Leist opened Prevail Rehab & Fitness last October, alongside friend and head trainer Sean Larkin. Their motivation at Prevail is to blend high-level fitness training and injury rehab.

It's all in the name, explains Katie. "We picked Prevail because by definition it means to be more powerful than opposing forces and to be victorious. As a facility that offers both injury rehab and strength and conditioning programming that can prove to be pretty mentally and physically difficult, it's a word that fits well and can also be used in multifaceted ways in this industry. For example, you can prevail over past injuries or mental barriers preventing you from finding your joy in fitness. We like to say 'prevail over limitations'."

The Leists moved to Brentwood from rural Illinois nine years ago and have two daughters, Everly and Lilah. Katie taught fourth grade for years before finding her passion for fitness, while Derek spent years as a chiropractor following his years racing motocross professionally. Derek says that season of his life taught him the importance of staying fit to compete and thrive. He also loves the problem-solving side of his job and the hands-on approach to injury rehab and prevention -- much like that of a physical therapist.

"I like to find the root of an issue a client is experiencing and work to heal and strengthen weak areas to keep old injuries at bay and new injuries from occurring. What's great about Prevail is that we offer customized personal training to further improve the rehab journey if wanted/needed after I work with a person. The gym side is a great community of good people ready to work hard. Our group classes focus on power and endurance and challenge you to reach your full potential as an athlete," says Derek. 

Regarding essential recommendations to all clients, Derek says to focus on the basic movement patterns:  push, pull, hip hinge, squat and press. 

"Every single workout can be modified to meet a client where they are in their fitness journey. For example, squatting is vital for a mom picking up her toddler. A push press we do with barbells or dumbbells is utilized at home when storing boxes overhead. All parents can relate to the difficult stroller pushes uphill with a double stroller, similar to that of a sled push in the gym. Preparing and strengthening your body to accurately execute those movement patterns will improve your quality of life," says Derek.