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Private Chef Services

Get Top-Notch Meals In Comfort Of Home

Have you ever found yourself dreaming of a home-cooked meal prepared by a professional? Do you need help to prepare meals at home? Whether it’s for a dinner event, or you want quality and delicious meals, hiring the services of a private chef can be a worthy investment.

A private chef service provides great-tasting meals in the comfort of clients' homes without the need for them to even go grocery shopping.

Meet Cody Berger, founder of White Crane Hospitality. Cody is a chef, and is diligent when it comes to the food he prepares. He says all of his dishes are made fresh to ensure clients have the best, quality-based experience when dining with him. While hosting an event, he arrives hours in advance so each client can see his attentiveness and dedication to the meal. 

While his signature offering is plated, multicourse meals, he also provides family-style services for those seeking a more casual experience. Cody has pre-planned, seasonally inspired meals from which to select to make options and decisions easier, however he will create a custom meal for those desiring personalized services. He says he also works closely with his clients, taking into consideration their preferences when customizing meal plans.

What started out as a series of pop-up dinners in 2018 quickly snowballed into in-home chef services, from plated dinners and family style meals to catering for cocktail parties and barbecues, Cody fondly recalls.

Cody now cooks a variety of food, ranging from seared scallops to steak and eggs, and even buttermilk fried catfish, for all sorts of intimate gatherings.

Being a private chef is both exciting and humbling. I love being able to deliver products that fit clients' expectations and tastes for each occasion.