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Private Studio Provides A Quick HIT Workout

One-on-One Training Customizes Fitness Needs

January. A time of year when the holidays are now just a blip in our review mirror, and the “New Year, New Me,” trend begins. A time when gyms are most crowded and clients start trying to lose those unwanted holiday pounds. The problem is that taking an hour out of an already busy day can be daunting. So much so, that by early February gym members’ enthusiasm wanes considerably, according to experts.

QuickHIT Fitness Lab, however, is doing what traditional gyms aren’t—taking into consideration its clients’ time by scheduling appointments via an app and offering individualized, adaptable 20-minute workout sessions.

The workouts aren’t a personal training session per se, but rather a class-for-one that uses one machine for a full-body workout. A trainer works with you to set up and explain each series of movements that would be most beneficial to you given your goals.

The X2 Robotically Controlled Resistance machine is a system that has pulleys both overhead and on the side, a foot plate, a sliding seat, an adjustable bench and a large computer screen that displays real-time feedback.

“In 20 short minutes, we can help you increase strength, bone density, flexibility, and mobility,” says Frank Ochoa, director of sales and marketing for QuickHIT Fitness Labs. “It eliminates the need to do any other strength training and can replace your cardiovascular workout as well,” Frank adds.

Clients range from 14-year-olds who want to increase their ability to perform at their chosen sport, to 70-year-old men and women that want to maintain strength in their daily activities of living.

If weight loss is your goal, the facility also has a full line of Health and Wellness Supplements, as well as nutritional guides and meal plans that can assist you.

Included in the membership is access to a state-of-the-art Body Kiosk, a non-invasive scan via Near-Infrared Technology that will read your weight, lean mass, body fat, as well as your Body Mass Index and resting metabolic rate.

The sessions range from $44-55 and 2 sessions per week is recommended for optimal results. 

There are currently two locations in St. Charles County. For more information, call 636-922-2794 or visit