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Producing Winning Results

Jimmy Rivers Performance Works provides kart racers with everything needed to bring home a win

A machinist by trade with an enduring interest in racing, motorsports, and things that go fast, Jimmy Rivers turned what could have been a discouraging time in life into what would become an internationally known and respected business. “I was a machine superintendent at a company and had been exposed to racing. I’d started tinkering and building a few engines that my brother and I began to race with,” shares Jimmy. “Then, the company basically relocated to another state and relocation was not something I was interested in, so I had an opportunity through the severance package to begin a business.”

Since taking that leap in 1994, his business and reputation have grown and now Jimmy Rivers Performance Works (JRPW) operates as a full-service shop, carrying everything necessary to begin and continue kart racing. “Racing karts are drastically different than normal karts,” explains Jimmy. "Racing chassis are technologically advanced, using precision, light weight components designed for speed. They also sit only about 1-1/2” off the ground, requiring a smooth, prepared surface.”

“Racers vary in age from as young as four years old to well into their sixties, having a place for almost everyone,” he adds. “Kart racing has become a springboard for many young racers to elevate to the upper echelons of motorsports.”

Jimmy’s investment in an extensive machine shop means he can provide kart racers with world-class racing engines and engine components while providing service to racers all over the USA and in several other countries. Additionally, JRPW provides services for the majority of other engine builders nationally. “When people get their parts from us, they perform well and work as intended,” says Jimmy. “We also have an extensive inventory for customers to come in and put their hands on parts that most companies provide only through mail order.”

JRPW also provides powder coating for metal components of racing machines and engines and for many everyday items people use. “Powder coat is an electrostatically applied coating that goes on as a powder. The part is grounded and the powder has a positive charge, which makes the powder stick,” explains Jimmy. “The part is then baked in an oven and it becomes a baked-on finish that looks like paint but is more chemical resistant and much more durable than paint. Powder coating can be used for a wide variety of items ranging from drawer knobs to large gates and railings. Other frequent items coated are engine parts, motorcycle frames, porch railings, automotive wheels, outdoor furniture, bathroom fixtures, and restoration pieces.”

For Jimmy, hearing from excited and happy customers makes the hard work worth it. “When you get those phone calls on Monday morning from somebody who just bought an engine from you, and they call you up and tell you they won their first race over the weekend with your engine – it’s great to be part of that,” shares Jimmy. “On the powder coat side of things, when you take something that someone is restoring and transform that part to make it look completely different, the reward is seeing their eyes light up when they walk in the door and see it. Honestly, any time that you’re in business and can make somebody extremely happy, that's a winning situation.”

Stop by and visit Jimmy Rivers Performance Works at 200 Rose Street in Martinez or give the staff a call at 706-863-1206. You can also visit or JRPW Racing, Inc. on Facebook for more information on products and services.

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