Professional Bartender Launches Chaco Flaco Beverage Company

Chaco Flaco Features All-Natural Sparkling Craft Canned Cocktails and Mixers

Eleven years ago, Chuck Moore began creating all-natural margarita mixers in a NutriBullet blender in his kitchen.

After pouring the finished mixers into empty milk jugs, Moore would take the tasty concoctions to Dos Gringos in South Tempe, where he worked as a bar manager.

The margarita mixers were so popular with customers that Moore was inspired to launch his own beverage company, offering not only mixers but also craft canned cocktails.

In 2014, Moore, along with Steve Cislaw, founded Chaco Flaco. Moore is the chief executive officer and lead mixologist, and Cislaw is the chief operating officer of the East Valley company.

“We launched in Whole Foods Arizona with seven all-natural mixers,” Moore says, adding that Chaco Flaco’s variety of low-calorie, low-sugar mixers and spirit-based canned cocktails all live up to the company’s mantra of “Flavor First.”

“Currently, we have the Bloody Maria and the Verde Maria all-natural Bloody Mary non-alcoholic mixers.”

Chaco Flaco also offers three canned cocktails that have earned Moore and Cislaw 41 global awards within the last two years.

“We have Mango Margarita with mango, pineapple, habanero, and tequila; the Strawberry Daiquiri, with strawberries, pineapple juice, fresh lime, and coconut rum, and the Vodka Berry Mule with berries, fresh mint, cucumber, and ginger beer,” Moore says.

Chaco Flaco is currently in production with five top-secret new flavors, which are expected to hit the market later this summer.

“We are also experimenting with some new packaging concepts, joint ventures, and regional flavor demands for different parts of the country,” Moore says. 

What sets Chaco Flaco apart, he says, is the complexity of the flavors used to create the mixers and canned beverages, as well as the all-natural ingredients that help to keep the calorie count down, the sugar level low, and the taste real. Flavor First!

“We insist on keeping the integrity of our flavor profile, no matter the time it takes to perfect it. We never compromise. We care about our clientele.”

Chaco Flaco, which means “Skinny Chuck,” has definitely caught on with customers. The canned beverages and mixers can now be found at a number of retailers throughout Chandler and the rest of the state, including Total Wine & More, AJ’s Fine Foods, restaurants, and bars.

“We are also available through Drizly’s online home delivery service, and in the fall we expect to be in some major retailers,” Moore says, adding that Chaco Flaco can also be found in California, Nevada, Colorado, and Alaska, with many more states to be added soon.

Looking back, Moore is definitely pleased with his decision to take his passion for all-natural mixers from his kitchen to a full-fledged company.

He is also proud of the ever-expanding selection that appeals to a wide range of people.

“I refer to our selection like a hit album—everybody has a favorite single,” Moore says. “There really is no one flavor that stands out from the others. They each sell equally as one another.”

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