Profound Foods

Cultivating Community, One Fresh Bite at a Time

In the heart of Lucas, Texas, a quiet culinary revolution is growing. Profound Foods and Profound Microfarms, led by visionary Jeff Bednar, are not just nourishing the Allen community with their vibrant produce, they're cultivating a more sustainable, connected food system.

Born from a passion for local, high-quality food, Profound Microfarms began in 2014. Deeply embedded in sustainable hydroponic farming techniques, the Bednars perfected the art of growing flavorful lettuces, herbs, and microgreens, earning a loyal following among Dallas' top chefs. But their vision extended beyond restaurant plates.

In 2018, Profound Foods emerged as a virtual farmers' market connecting customers directly with a network of local farmers, ranchers, and food artisans. This innovative platform wasn't just about convenience; it was about empowerment. Profound Foods empowered farmers by providing marketing and distribution support and empowered customers by offering the freshest produce, grown with care by their neighbors.

The impact is undeniable.

Profound Foods delivers weekly to over 50 restaurants and countless families across the Dallas metroplex. Their commitment to local goes beyond just sourcing; they host educational events, farm tours, and even immersive farm-to-table dinners, fostering a deep understanding of where our food comes from.

Profound's reach extends beyond plates.

They partner with local food banks, offering fresh produce to underserved communities. They collaborate with schools, introducing the next generation to the wonders of agriculture. They champion environmental sustainability, minimizing food waste and implementing eco-friendly practices.

Jeff Bednar's vision is simple: to nourish the community, body and soul. Profound Foods and Profound Microfarms are not just businesses, they are testaments to the power of local food to connect us, sustain us, and inspire us. So, next time you bite into a crisp Profound lettuce, remember, you're not just savoring flavor, you're savoring a community.

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