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Meet some of the local people behind the gourmet products in Dorothy Lane Market.

Recognized for carrying the highest quality food and for offering the best level of service, Dorothy Lane Market (DLM) started out as a fruit stand on the corner of Far Hills Avenue and Dorothy Lane back in 1948. Still locally owned and operated by Calvin and Vera Jane Mayne’s family, DLM features local farmers and vendors who uphold the quality and pride in their products. 

Al Tuttle, Beekeeper

Al Tuttle of Eagle Ridge Apiaries has supplied DLM with 100% local, unprocessed, raw honey since 2006. “It’s the people that I work with” says Al, when asked what he likes most about supplying DLM with honey.

A beekeeper in the Miami Valley for the last 33 years, Al got started in the business the way a lot of people do - he saw a need and looked to fill it. “When our children were still in school we were going through a gallon of honey a month. I went to the person from whom we were buying honey and told him that I was interested in getting a hive of my own,” Al shares. “He helped make that happen and was instrumental in getting me started.” 

Local, unfiltered honey offers a wide variety of health benefits. Local honey can help with allergies because unfiltered honey contains pollen. With a teaspoon a day your body can build up an immunity to plant pollen. “Basically everything that is in a beehive has a potential health benefit, including the bee venom from the sting which is used to help people with MS and arthritis”, explains Al.  Whether you are looking to soothe a sore throat or sweeten a warm cup of tea, DLM 100% Pure Honey is an excellent option from a wonderful, local source.

The Kilpatrick Family, The Farm on Central

The health benefits of organically farmed and locally sourced food is something that Michael Kilpatrick and his wife Savannah, owners of The Farm on Central are passionate about. “Our goal is to create an oasis of health in the community and to teach people how to become healthier,” Michael shares. 

The Farm on Central supplies the DLM Garden Box, a seasonal weekly subscription-based experience where subscribers receive produce that is grown and gathered on the farm. More than just a box of fresh produce, it is meticulously curated to spark excitement and creativity in the kitchen.  

“We’ve been able to give them things that open up their experience to the whole edible world. It's all about expanding food horizons for people,” considers Michael. They have been able to offer things that people might not have tasted before, such as edible flowers, dragon beans, varieties of basil and even something called a “toothache plant.” These unique ingredients coupled with DLM’s Chef Carrie’s crafted recipes makes for a unique culinary adventure inside every box. The Farm on Central also has a strong commitment to growing items organically and encouraging biodiversity. “Rabbits are eating our lettuce, we have the pollinator habitat up front, and the bumblebees love the lavender…even though we are going to lose some crops to them, it’s part of creating an ecosystem, which is friendly to all life.” 

Michael Brown, Boston Stoker Coffee

If you’ve ever walked into DLM and stopped for a warm cup of brew, you have experienced Boston Stoker Coffee. “The quality of our product begins with the relationship we develop with the farmers that grow the coffee,” explains Michael Brown, senior vice president of Boston Stoker. Having started in the 1970s and partnered with DLM beginning in the 1980s, Boston Stoker has several decades of providing specialty coffee to Dayton and the surrounding area.  

Coffee often brings people together. “We truly represent so many good memories for so many people”, shares Michael. With such a rich history, what you think of as the quintessential Boston Stoker brew could vary, “If you discovered our coffee in the 80s, you may say our Classic 83 is the hallmark of our brand. If you are one of our more recent coffee buyers, you may say it's our Buna Fruta. And of course, whenever you found us, you may say our Original Grogg is your favorite.”  

Roasting every coffee bean in their roastery in Vandalia, OH, Boston Stoker has become Dayton’s premiere coffee brand. All Boston Stoker coffee is roasted and packaged within two days after it’s ordered. As another company that provides an amazing product and wants to support its local community, Boston Stoker also loves to work with people who love coffee, whether that’s fundraising for schools and civic organizations or corporate gifts. 

Dorothy Lane Market

The Farm on Central

Boston Stoker

“We’ve been able to give them things that open up their experience to the whole edible world. It's all about expanding food horizons for people." Michael Kilpatrick, The Farm on Central

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