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Radon Pros are KC’s Experts in Detection and Mitigation 

Protecting Your Health Against Radon Exposure

Radon gas, a known carcinogen and the second-leading cause of lung cancer, is a real threat in our area with one out of every four homes in the metro testing high for radon.

Radon gas is an invisible, odorless radioactive enemy that occurs naturally in soil but is a serious health concern that can result in fatal outcomes when not properly addressed. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A.), radon-induced lung cancer can strike its victims from five to 25 years after exposure. Sometimes radon enters the home through well water. In a small number of homes, the building materials can give off radon, too.  

Fortunately, the professionals at Radon Pros in Lee’s Summit have been testing and successfully mitigating radon for eight years in the Kansas City area.  

With January as designated National Radon Action Month, Radon Pros is helping to increase the public's awareness of radon, promote radon testing and mitigation, and advance the use of radon-resistant new construction practices.  

“Any home may have a radon problem. This means new and old homes, well-sealed and drafty homes, and homes with or without basements,” says owner Aaron Carlton, along with Kayla Carlton, office manager.   

Locally owned and operated with service centers throughout the metro, Radon Pros is now regarded as KC’s top-rated professional company employing certified radon experts for home, office and educational radon inspections and abatement. Radon Pros provides radon mitigation installs, radon testing and radon inspection services in both Kansas and Missouri.

“We strive to provide customers with 100-percent satisfaction on every install,” Kayla says. “Our knowledgeable Radon Inspection Experts bring advanced training and top-quality products to make sure radon is properly mitigated. We have easy online bookings and provide free, no-obligation quotes.”

Kayla adds that every home is unique and requires attention to detail, including customizing each radon installation to fit the home’s layout and design for the most efficient and cost-effective radon mitigation system.

“Always test for radon when buying your home or office,” Kayla adds. “You can't smell, see or feel radon gas. The only way to know your radon exposure risk is to test. The EPA recommends mitigating the structure if levels are above 4.0 pCi/L. and then retesting the structure every two years because the radon levels fluctuate throughout the year.”

With licensed and insured radon professionals, Radon Pros installs both exterior and interior radon mitigation systems for homes, multi-family dwellings, commercial buildings, and real-estate transactions. They also install encapsulations or vapor barrier systems to eliminate mold and mildew from crawlspaces. 

With five-star reviews, and voted Kansas City's Top Radon Professionals, Radon Pros can be reached at www.kcradonpros or by calling (816) 875-5656.