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Protecting Your Most Valuable Investment’s Most Valuable Part

Precision Roofing Provides Homeowners With Peace Of Mind When It Comes To The Roof Over Their Heads

If experiencing the change of seasons is one of the benefits of living in Middle Tennessee, the wear-and-tear the elements can impose on your roof is one of the hazards. Because when it comes to function, aesthetic, and expense, a strong case can be made for the roof being the most valuable part of your home.

Still, the decision to repair or replace a roof is often made in haste. While you may know that your roof is showing its age, you may not know that it’s compromised until damage is apparent, usually in the form of a leak or missing shingles. What ensues is a mad dash to the Internet to find a qualified roofer who can do the job immediately. It’s at this point that you probably wish you had done your research ahead of time.

Jason Shepherd of Precision Roofing and Construction understands how you feel. “I’ve seen companies install roofs that look good, but they don’t last because they use cheap materials,” says Shepherd. “I have a client who hired a low-cost contractor and within months her roof was leaking. But the contractor was from another state and the sales rep was nowhere to be found. I went out there last year and replaced her roof, which was less than two years old.”

If your roof needs to be replaced, Shepherd encourages you to consider the type of shingle you will use. Precision Roofing, for example, is GAF-certified and an Owens-Corning Preferred Contractor. “There are no shortcuts when it comes to quality,” he says. “A 25-year shingle is rated for a 60-mph wind while a 40-year architectural shingle is rated for 130 mph. That’s a huge difference in
quality but it’s not that great of a difference in price. “If your roof is an insurance claim, and you had a lesser shingle, your insurer is not likely to pay for an upgrade. But I’ll provide the better shingle at no additional cost. On a large roof, that’s a few hundred dollars out of my pocket but the peace of mind is worth it, for you and for me.”

Shepherd applies the same principle to your roof’s ventilation system. He installs ridge vents, at no additional charge, even if the old roof had less expensive box vents. “There’s some inexpensive stuff out there but we don’t go that route because cheap materials
will fail in five years,” says Shepherd. “We’re all about quality, not quantity.”

Precision Roofing’s installation teams install or repair more than 300 roofs a year. According to Shepherd, about 70 percent of those jobs are covered by insurance. “If you think you have a qualifying claim, we’ll come out, get on your roof and we’ll mark hail
and wind damage where we find it,” says Shepherd. “We’re your advocates and we’ll work with the insurance company on your behalf.”

Shepherd says that a new roof can be installed on a typical home in less than two days. “Generally speaking, the old roof will be removed and the new one installed on the first day. The next day is dedicated to the finishing touches, a thorough inspection and cleanup. We are sticklers about cleanup and quality. The teams know what I expect.”

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