Your Local Butcher Shop's Legendary Legacy

Get to the heart of Hall-of-Fame pitcher and rancher Nolan Ryan's Goodstock butcher shop

Article by Megan Marshall & Goodstock

Photography by Goodstock & Lauren Slusher Photography

Originally published in Cedar Park City Lifestyle

When Nolan Ryan was about five years old, he realized he had a passion for cattle. This passion led to him purchasing his first calf as a young boy for just one dollar.

Having a love for the cattle business, and never anticipating a professional baseball career of 27 years, he had a plan in mind for his life after baseball. And that always involved beef.

“When I grew up in Alvin, Texas, there were three butcher shops. I always thought it was unique to be able to walk into a butcher shop and look at the different cuts of meat and talk to the butcher,” says Nolan. “Over time, I think we’ve lost that, but I think people are finding a real interest in it again; the opportunity to talk to their butcher, discuss different products and how to prepare them. It broadens their perspective on beef.”

As you walk into Goodstock’s boutique butcher shop, you might feel as if you’re walking into a different world; a place that calls back to a simpler time. After being greeted by one of the many friendly faces behind the counter, you’re immediately drawn to the bright meat case filled with huge Tomahawks, eye-popping ribeyes and filets, and Nolan’s signature “No Fuss” burgers. On your way to the meat case, you pass coolers full of briskets, sausages, chicken wings, and other premium meats for your grill or smoker.

After perusing the meat case and coolers, you’ll find yourself looking all around at the historic memorabilia. Among the testaments to Nolan’s baseball career, the shop houses personal photos and ranching memorabilia that speak to Nolan’s history. That includes ranching and veterinary books that he used to read on the road during his playing days.

One piece of memorabilia that Nolan is especially proud of is his National Golden Spur award. Presented to him in 2011 as a testament to his decades-long contributions to the ranching community, it’s an award that he holds in very high regard. “I was very proud and honored to be selected for that award,” he says, as it is the highest honor among the livestock and ranching communities and is given to those who make a significant, positive impact on the industry and amongst their peers. For Nolan, it’s a matter of following the Cowboy Code, which is a reflection of people of high moral character who stand for what is good, decent, and fair.

“Being a Texan means living with integrity. As Texans, and especially as ranchers, we take great pride in caring for the land and animals, and treating everyone like a neighbor,” says Nolan. “Family is the most important part of life, and that extends to the community—everyone has a seat at the table.”

Bringing the best in Texas beef to this community is something that means a great deal to Nolan and the Goodstock team. For those looking for home delivery, they offer a wide variety of beef, grilling tools, and merchandise to ship directly to your door; anything from brisket to barbecue seasoning to grilling sets can be found on their website. But if you aren’t a master behind the grill yourself, don't worry! Goodstock beef is located at many Texas restaurants, including Cedar Park’s own SLAB BBQ & Beer.

“Restaurants do a great job of promoting their business and products, and work hard to create exceptional experiences for their customers. When you see a popular place using your products, it creates a great feeling of pride,” says Nolan. “We admire and respect the comradery amongst pitmasters, cooks, and restaurant owners, and the support they often provide to their local communities. We see their commitment and want to support them in any way we can.”

Take a drive out to Round Rock to visit the Goodstock butcher shop at 3800 E Palm Valley Blvd, Suite 110, or shop online at goodstocktx.com.

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