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Proudly Showing Patriotism

Frisco Holiday Flags Lease Program Benefits Frisco Education Foundation

Frisco area homeowners and business leaders can display their best red, white and blue for prime patriotic observances through the Frisco Holiday Flags lease program. More than 1,700 Frisco participants already are doing so. 

Bill Baxter, who heads this flag program, says for $75 per year subscribers can receive American flags for five holidays: Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Patriot Day and Veteran's Day. 

A portion of the flag leasing contributions benefits Frisco Education Foundation, an organization that provides finances for Frisco Independent School District educational programs, student scholarships and grants for FISD innovative educators.

The American flag has flown as the U.S. national emblem in some form without interruption since 1777. The flag's 13 red and white stripes represent the 13 original colonies. Its 50 white stars on a blue background represent the 50 states.

Regional Boy Scouts troop members and youth partners deliver, set and pick up the leased flags. Scouts are compensated for flag delivery, which strengthens community bonds and encourages respect and responsibility among Scouts. 

"When you secure a flag, you're helping our youth as well," says Bill, adding he's actively seeking Girl Scouts troops to also participate. 

He explains when someone leases a flag, a PVC sleeve is installed in the ground near a front curb of the subscriber's property. No brackets or fixtures are attached to homes, he adds. "On each of the holidays, a 3x5-foot U.S. flag mounted on a 10-foot metal pole is placed in the sleeve."

Damaged flags in need of replacement are removed from the poles and set aside for appropriate retirement. Bill says a meaningful flag retirement ceremony led by Scouts is conducted at least once a year. 

"This Frisco flag program is one of the largest in the Metroplex," says Bill. "We're grateful to be able to help others with this type of sacred honor and commemoration, while showing respect and patriotism for America and all our military veterans."


No other symbol captures power and glory of the United States like the American flag.

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