Whether you're looking for recreation or competition, Cherokee Rose is a course above the rest.

Globally recognized as one of the most iconic sporting clay clubs in the United States, and renowned for having some of the most beautiful and diverse terrain to shoot on, Cherokee Rose - fondly referred to as The Rose - is just minutes from Fayette County.

You do not need a reservation to enjoy all that has been put into making Cherokee Rose the premier sporting clays and Helice club in Georgia. In fact, it is the only club in the state of Georgia that has a regulation Helice ring. If you're unfamiliar with Helice, it is a French word that means propeller. The Helice ring simulates live pigeon shooting as close as you can get it, providing a different challenge for shooters to experience.

Situated on 124 sprawling acres, The Rose offers an exceptional, full-service, first-class experience for novices, experts and shotgun enthusiasts. In the world of shooting sports, the ambiance, setting, difficulty, and creativity of the course design are all important in maintaining a well-groomed sporting clay course. These factors alone contribute to why sporting clays is the fastest growing shooting sport in the world.

Schools have taken a serious interest with more than 4,000 Georgia high school students engaged in the sport - the fastest growing high school sport in the country and considered one of the safest. Many of these students visit The Rose for additional instruction and practice.

Cherokee Rose was established in 1981 and was most recently purchased in 2019 by Dave Dalton and Jean Bostick who began shooting competitively together in 2018. The transformation of the grounds and facility is amazing. Their vision for the shooting club has come to fruition and exceeded their expectations, as people travel from across the country to experience the picturesque beauty and shooting experience The Rose has to offer. Georgia pines, dogwoods, and azaleas in full bloom, and diverse terrain make for challenging shooting in all types of conditions.

The Rose is an excellent place to shoot. In addition to the regulation Helice ring, it has a 5-stand and two pristine sporting clay courses. 'The Creek' course is set up as a friendly, fun course, and 'The Rose' course is for more competitive, tournament shooters. The targets are challenging without losing the fun factor. It was in November 2020 when the club launched its first regulation Helice ring to complement its sporting clay offerings. 

 Cherokee Rose hosts on average, one National Sporting Clays Association registered shoot per month. Regionals shoot at The Rose, as does Georgia State.

Aside from an impeccably maintained facility and incredibly professional, friendly staff, Cherokee Rose distinguishes itself in several other ways. It features brand new state-of-the-art equipment to provide the best sporting clays and Helice experience for all of their clients. This keeps Cherokee Rose's throw rates distinguishably high as compared to other shooting ranges. After all, shooters are there to shoot! For added safety, all stations at The Rose are leveled and graveled so guests are not walking on uneven terrain.

Cherokee Rose is the perfect place for family outings, special occasions like birthday and bachelor parties, corporate events - team building and customer/employee appreciation - charity events and more. It has two newly renovated and covered pavilions, as well as grounds that are meticulous and beautifully designed. The Rose can comfortably host groups of up to 500 people. Members at Cherokee Rose get a discount on targets, a reduced rate on golf carts, a reduced rate on ammunition, and other benefits. If you'd like to have an instructor, there is user-friendly online scheduling to reserve time with one of the best and most experienced in the business.

They teach and they teach some more. Safety is of the utmost importance at Cherokee Rose, and if you are new to the sport, their experienced staff is ready and excited to introduce you to one of the most fun and dynamic shooting sports there is. There are nineteen golf carts in their rental fleet, and plenty of guns to accommodate daily walk-ins. Like anything else, to become proficient you've got to practice and work at it. With their professional instruction and training, most newcomers get comfortable with shooting fairly quickly. They say the learning curve is much faster than golf.

If you're looking for an exceptional, first-class sporting clay experience - one that lives up to its iconic name and will have you wanting more - plan your visit to Cherokee Rose located at 895 Baptist Camp Road in Griffin. Contact them directly at 770-227-6569 to make a reservation or visit their website at

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