Puppy Love

Photographer Bear Stapely captures love and resemblance between these dog owners and their best friends

Jordan + Homer

Homer became my dog when I was senior in high school, then he lived with me and my two brothers in Tuscaloosa. He’s not the sharpest tool in the shed but what he lacks in smarts he makes up with charisma. Homer doesn't think he can swim despite his webbed feet. He doesn’t like other dogs but loves people. My mom wanted him to be a therapy dog but I always told her he was my therapy dog and I've got enough problems for all of us.

Kristen Hepler + Loki

I found her almost 6 years ago lying in the middle of Thornton Road on my way to work. I took a picture of her and it was shared over 90 times on Facebook with no one claiming her. I found out that she had been found by three other people and she somehow escaped all three places and ended up in my neighborhood. It was serendipitous. She absolutely loves to travel. We took her fly fishing one weekend and it was her first time seeing a fish. Every time Thad would catch a trout, she would run up to him so that she could inspect each one before he would release it.

Kelsey Zwack + Scarlett

Scarlett came into our life in December of 2012. Her father and I had been married for about 8 months and were living in Atlanta. She was born on a grand southern estate outside of the city and was the smallest and most beautiful in her litter. We have often joked that she must have been very disappointed when we brought her home to our small apartment in the city. She was timid at first and so very sweet, she slowly came out of her shell and has been the most wonderful companion. Her whole life she has gone everywhere with us and is magnet for joy. If we are invited somewhere, our friends know the next question "Can Scarlett come?"  From walking in downtown Huntsville and being stopped for photos, working as a greeter at local events, prancing the runway at the GHHS Dog Ball, enjoying fine dining with outdoor seating, traveling near and far, she has never met a stranger and is always a lady. Many of my dearest friends I have met through Scarlett. We are very lucky to be her pets.

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